Track errors with Sentry!

Is every user report you get filed by someone with no clue what F9 is? Do you need to find a bug in those hard to reach places? Has your codebase got so many bugs you just want to know which one happens the most so you know where to start?

If you answered YES! to all those questions your codebase may have been written by me then this is just the module for you!


Introducing SentrySDK for Roblox!
Documentation · Download .rbxm · Library Model · GitHub

This new library builds on the Unified API implementation of the Sentry team to bring you a full-featured module that complies with the latest standards and feels familiar for anyone that has integrated Sentry into an app before. Just by following the quick installation instructions you automatically get:

  • Auto-captured console errors with stacktraces from the Server and Client!
  • Auto-captured warnings being outputted to console.
  • Tracked player sessions.

…and with the built in methods you can even automatically capture exceptions without having your player’s console clogged-up!

xpcall(MyErroringFunction, SentrySDK:CaptureException())

Please check out our documentation for help, or reach out below or through one of the linked channels in the documentation’s navigation bar!


I will take a look at this in greater detail and utilize it, I’ve been trying to get something similar to work.

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Very great library! I’ve started using this on my projects, and it has made life so much easier in the short span that I have begun to use it, with this I am able to debug errors that I had not been aware of, and would not have been aware of without this. Great work!

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Looks interesting. Might be useful for complex games. One suggestion - maybe add a link to a Roblox model for easier installation.

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Interesting module thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for your suggestion! You can now find a link in the original post.

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Wow, this is a great feature to have and I’m sure I’ll be utilising this!

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