Tracking experience likes, against TOS or?

Was wondering whether tracking if a user has liked your experience is possible, and whether its against TOS or not, I’ve seen some games track likes such as “Reach 20k Likes For The Next Update” or how ps99 uses this method of getting users to like the experience, let me know!

( Wasn’t sure if this was the right category for this, if not do let me know I’ll take it down )

I don’t know about the legal factor but I suppose it’s absolutely normal to ask for quota likes for updates. If I’m not wrong theres a function to check if someone liked your game (if there isn’t there’s some type of walkarounds) however Im a translator, can’t do much.

There’s no way to know who liked your game. Games that ask to leave a like just fetch the likes counter using Roblox APIs but don’t actually know whether or not a player in particular did.