Tracking position on a layered clothing

The game that I am working on has a perk system, and I thought it would be a cool idea for the perks to physically appear on your character.

I have created a sash layered clothing, and my original idea was to put attachments on the sash and track the position there. Reference:

However, I quickly realized that my logic was flawed, as it turns out that attachments does not follow the transformed layered clothing:

Right now my current plan was to wait for EditableMeshes to work with skinned meshes and maybe I could devise a method there. But rather than waiting, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of being able to track positions on layered clothing, if it is even possible? Or maybe an alternative method that I can use?

If you’re using bones, there’s a propery called “TransformedWorldCFrame”, which can’t be found in the properties menu

I am not currently using bones, and am unsure if that works with layered clothing. If it does, then that sound very promising.