Trade Hangout Update Log


  • Added 1 million RAP room for users with >1 million R$ value or Recent Average Price
  • The music player now saves its state when you leave and rejoin, so you don’t have to stop the music each time you join.
  • Added zone checking for the 1m and 100k RAP rooms so players can’t cheat their way in
  • Fixed the secret entrance to the Karoake room being blocked by the escalator
  • Fixed player collisions being turned off for booth owners

Trade Hangout version 4 is out!


  • Added a monorail that you can ride around the map
  • Added a Kestrel clothing store where you can try on items before you buy them. Includes a working mirror.
  • Added Shimmer orb to the shop that gives your avatar a glowing effect.
  • Introduced Super Domino Chest which gives out 4x the dominoes!
  • Added a Domino Chest Leaderboard so you can see how many Domino Chests you have unlocked compared to everyone else in Trade Hangout
  • Changed the music to a new set of songs
  • The Jetski, VIP chat, and Apartment features are no longer supported in the new map. I will be issuing refunds in Dominoes to anyone who purchased them.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where balloons did not propel you upwards
  • Turned on new bubble chat to fix text being cut off
  • Reduced the fireworks volume to not deafen voice chat users


  • Increased Domino commission that you get from buying UGC catalog items in-game by 4x!
  • Added RBLX stock ticker to celebrate Roblox going public.
  • Added ‘Diamond Hands’ name tag
  • Red Domino’s RAP is now fixed.
  • Added badge for 5 million RAP


  • Now giving free Dominoes for UGC items, not just Roblox-created items!
  • Fixed the Owners List, now powered by Rolimon’s API.
  • Fixed notification system. New catalog items will pop up in-game.
  • Fixed the sprint feature.
  • Fixed the Gold Scooter teleport bug.


  • Added Ghost Orb! Lets you run around the map, barely visible to the average player.
  • Added Pumpkin Hunt! Collect all 20 pumpkin pails scattered around the map to unlock an exclusive 1x1x1x1 name tag.


  • Added private servers!
  • Added Neon Boombox skin
  • Added Bombastic and Ice Crown nametags
  • Re-enabled Domino Chest after fixing race condition
  • Sped up orb to compensate for the addition of sprint
  • Labeled each server with a unique name
  • Added ‘Met Merely’ badge
  • Fixed the gold scooter


  • Due to a race condition bug, users were able to abuse the Domino chest to generate thousands of Dominoes more than they paid for. I’ve rolled back the items/dominoes for the top users who abused this. Legitimately purchased Dominoes/items should not be impacted.
  • More users may be rolled back in the next few days.
  • If you believe the rollback took away items/Dominoes you paid for, please use the in-game feedback form and include the text ‘[ROLLBACK]’ with information about what happened.


  • Temporarily disabled the Domino Chest due to an issue.


  • Added Domino Chest and Key system! Purchase a one-time use Silver Key in the shop that you can use to unlock a rain of Dominoes! Anyone in the server can pick up the Dominoes. It also notifies everyone in the server and broadcasts your wish list.
  • Added a new Sprint feature in the shop. Use Shift on PC or a button on mobile to run twice as fast!
  • The game now awards badges for 1M+ RAP, 100k+ RAP, and 10k+ RAP!
  • Added two new tags, Infernus and Noob Attack.
  • Fixed RbxCity values
  • Added a secret cave hidden somewhere in the map!


  • :jack_o_lantern: Mini Halloween Update! :jack_o_lantern:
  • Map is decorated with some spooky decorations.
  • Scare your friends with the new “Ghost” nametag that fades in and out as you glide across the map.
  • Fire Balloon added! Works just like the other balloons, but you leave behind a sizzling trail in your wake.


  • Trade Hangout is part of the Pizza Party event! Developers, influencers, and Roblox staff have special pizza launchers. If you pick up one of their pizza items, you can unlock Roblox accessories.
  • Because of the event, Trade Hangout is open to all users. I’ve added BC-only servers to the Servers List for people who want to focus on trading without being distracted.
  • Turned off player-to-player collisions so it’s easier to hang out without being pushed around.
  • Added nametags to the game! Thanks to Paraspec and DevSpec for creating the animations for these.
  • New to the shop: Upgrading and Downgrading signs
  • “User Lookup” is on sale for 1000 Dominoes, usually costs 2000.
  • Improved API for fetching limited items, it should be more resilient to large numbers of players.


  • Changed from 30 → 40 max players.


  • Changed from 50 → 30 max players to help reduce lag


  • Switched to Rolimon’s API for the primary source of values for Trade Hangout. RbxCity values are still displayed in the user interface.
  • Added UI indicator for users with private inventories (instead of just showing the number -1)
  • Added invite button so you can ask your friends to join you in-game!
  • Moved update log to dev forum instead of in-game UI.


  • Various UI fixes for tablets/phones around scrolling and hovering.
  • Roblox introduced a new privacy setting. If you have -1 for RAP or Value, it’s because your account privacy settings are too strict.


  • TH V3 Update! Huge changes, too many to list right now.


  • Added gold scooter to the shop!
  • Removed Christmas decorations
  • Fixed apartment system


  • Pets and fireworks are 25% off! One day sale.


  • Added pets! First two are Dog and Penguin.
  • Allowed clicking on screen to hide boombox UI
  • Fixed item notifier spamming notifications


  • Added personal boombox to shop
  • New twitter code, unlocks a dance item!
  • Server list now sorts by RAP.


  • Added 6 more floors of suites
  • Added VIP, which gives custom chat color
  • Added mini balloon
  • 45% fewer parts to reduce lag


  • Added a servers list so you can teleport to other servers. It also shows the recent average price of people in other servers.
  • Added floor 97, which is retail space. In the future I will make this rentable by clothing groups.


  • Added feedback channel for bugs or feature requests that sends them directly to me!
  • Added emojis in player names based on your RAP, as well as putting RAP on the same line as the name.
  • Fixed bug with some accessories being too large for the toy tool


  • Added elevator in the center of map, with rentable apartments!
  • You can purchase Apartments in the shop tab. They renew on a monthly basis, but you can cancel the unit to stop the renewal from happening, or vacate the unit entirely.
  • You can only own one unit at a time.
  • In a later update I will be adding larger apartments (Penthouses and Suites) that will cost more to rent.
  • I will also add retail space that you can rent if you have a clothing brand.


  • Added sparkler gear for the 4th of July


  • New way to earn Dominoes! If you buy a Roblox-created item from the in-game prompt, you will receive 40% of that amount in Dominoes as a bonus. To buy an item in-game, copy and paste the URL into the chat and press enter.
  • For example, if you bought a 200 R$ hat in Trade Hangout, you will get a bonus 80 Dominoes!


  • Fixed bug where ads weren’t being fetched often enough from the server, resulting in my ads being run too frequently.
  • Moved limited GUI to bottom left of screen so it doesn’t interfere with chat or center of screen.
  • Added shop system.
  • Added Domino currency, which can be purchased with Robux.
  • Added booths.
  • Added signs for AFK / looking for items.
  • Remodeled roof of 100k RAP area.
  • Added new outdoor area across from the beach.


  • Added Help interface


  • Fixed balloon height and animation


  • Added fireworks


  • Fixed requests queueing and overloading the server


  • Fixed recent average prices


  • Added accessories support


  • Hopefully fixed chat floodcheck


  • Zombies are coming very very soon!


  • Fixed RAP for items like Red Domino


  • Added user advertisements to the game