Trade tab, dev stats not showing sales properly

Going into the “My Transactions” tab and selecting Sales displays no sales. It gives me a message saying “You have not sold any items!”, even though my paid access game has been constantly getting buys as well as people buying developer products from in game.

Something similar happens if I go into the Developer Stats of the game in question. The sales sheet shows 0 robux per day. The pie chart and history diagrams are correct, though.

Same issue here. My Transactions tab is showing: “You have not sold any items!”
But whenever I press the “More Records” button several Vip Server Sales show up and the text “You have not sold any items!” duplicates. Vip Servers aren’t even 1% of the sales that I make.

The sales page is definitely broken.

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Yeah, same here.

Yeah it’s acting really funky. The VIP server one is the only thing I can get to show up.


Getting the same issue. Someone on the web team is looking into this.


We’ve reproduced the issue and will fix it for new sales within the next hour. Transactions recorded between 5/18/2017 7:4 PM CST and when the fix is rolled out (within the next hour or so) will not show up, we will do a follow up fix to make those visible again. Thanks for your patience.

The sales sheet showing 0 Robux per day is an entirely separate issue and should be fixed now.


Web engineers are also looking into this other issue. Thank you for letting us know. I will make sure that I keep everyone updated on this! :slight_smile:

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