TRADOC Training Guide

Lesson Plan
TRADOC Training

Time Allotment: 30 Minutes

Prior to training, post the following annoucement thrice: “[BMT] A BMT will begin at XX:XX time. Please report to the parade ground in proper attire by then.”


  1. Parade Ground - Introduce yourself by stating “I am your Drill Instructor (Rank) (User) and today I will be hosting your BMT.

  2. Parade Ground - Complete T-Phase, Control, About, Left, Right, and Inclines

  3. Parade Ground - Do 20 Jumping Jacks.

  4. Explain SFL, STS, PTS, etc.

  5. Parade Ground - Dismiss any trolling personnel, followed by a single File Line.

  6. Classroom - Repeat the following, “All Personnel, please remove your covers, and enter into the Classroom, take a seat, and remain Silent.” followed by, “The United States Military is broken up into Enlisted Corp and Officer Corp. Enlisted Corp Personnel are to be called by their rank, and officers, Sir and Ma’am.”

  7. “Enlisteds are broken up into Junior Enlisted, and Non-Commissioned officers, NCOs are Sergeants and hold minor command, in charge of the enlisted and representing them is the Sergeant Major of the Army.”

  8. “The Officer Corp makes up leadership positions, and commands divisions. All Officers go through Officer Candidate School, and are well trained.”

  9. “Lastly, HQ is made up of The Inspector General, Provost Marshal, Director of Army Staff, Judge Advocate General, Sergeant Major of the Army, Vice Chief, and Chief of Army Staff.”

  10. Do a quiz of 5 random questions of your choice.

  11. Follow this by taking them for a tour, completing three laps by the field, and then marching to the range.

  12. Once at the range repeat the following. “All personnel, line up on the yellow. When somebody is on this field, you will never fire.” Now, line them up. “Raise your firearms, safety off, aim, 3,2,Fire at Will!” Once competed, verify success. If user is mobile, use the M2491. Now, March everyone to the obstacle course.

  13. Once at the obstacle course, the first course will have a 45-second timer, and the second, a 60-second one.

  14. Follow this up by doing a quick survival patrol in the tunnel.

  15. March all personnel back to the exchange, dismiss those who have failed, and get formals for those who passed. Inform them to head to the parade ground, before issuing the following. “[GRADUATION] All available personnel report to the parade grounds for recruit graduation.”

  16. Once they have STS’d and you are ready, repeat the following “You have successfully completed BMT, and will be promoted shorted. Please join all required groups.”

  17. Following this take a screenshot, of all passing personnel, and inform your section officer of the training and its graduates.

  18. The training is completed.