Trail Zoffset is needed

Just like the Zoffset of particle emitters a Zoffset for the new trail feature would be pretty useful …atleast for my usage .

Else i cannot recreate the tiny green trail :


Your image needs more pixels too.


The image isn’t very clear. It would help if you could explain why you want it as well as just showing us a picture with no real context.


sorry ; the picture is supposed to show a magical swords trail which is clearly on top ( has a zoom offset) from its sources center ;

Idk about any other usage case of a trail zoom offset but atlest i would need it in order to fully replicate the sword with its trail effect .

Example :


the small green trail should somehow overlap the blade ): which isnt possible currently as far as i know.

also iam pretty optimistic or atleast hope that other ppl may need a trail offset too …

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All you have to do is move the Attachment a bit more to the top. :slight_smile:

BRO PLS no that would not work at all and if then only for one single view angle ; dont anger me Bro ):