Trailer Commission For "Insect World"

Here is my new trailer commission!
Commissioned by: @MillionsV2
Commission type: Elite :ribbon:
Price: 25,000 :robux_light:
Thanks for preferring me! :sparkling_heart:

Here is the trailer for INSECT WORLD :beetle: :bug: :ant:

If you interested:
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WOW! amazing 10/10
love the idea for a voice over

Voice acting by:

Nice. I would do it for 35K on my game, not sure how well you handle an anime character game though.

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if you think i can handle this, please contact me via discord or devforum :ribbon:

A pretty good trailer, the voice acting is good too. BUT!

Idk it does intentional or not but it looks weird…


I don’t know why that tree is like this :sweat_smile: