Trailing Whitespace Plugin

Roblox Studio doesn’t automatically remove trailing whitespace like most IDEs so I made a plugin that adds that behavior.

It trims the trailing whitespace when you open/close/switch a script so it’ll never disturb you while you’re typing. You can also select any amount of scripts and click the toolbar button in order to trim the script(s) without having to open them.

This is a pretty minor plugin but it adds a very standard feature to Studio so I figured it was worth releasing.

Get it here!



Instead of needing to select all the scripts you want to batch handle, you can just select the parent. It handles all the children of your selection, so you can just select ServerScriptService and hit the button to trim all your scripts at once


Dude this is awesome and really useful

Nice work as always :sunglasses:

epic thingy that you made!
many people would use this to organize their scripts, that’s all it does right?

Thank you so much for creating this!! I am definitely using this as soon as possible :slight_smile: :+1: keep making these plugins!

I have a bug with this plugin, whenever Trailing Whitespace fires or when i Enter a script again with trailing whitespace, for some reason it takes me to the top of the script again. :confused: It would be more convenient if Trailing Whitespace would fire and not take you to the start of your script. I hope this issue is fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s something Roblox has to fix. Support the feature request, because that annoying behavior prevents many plugins from being viable.

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