Trails not showing?

I’m adding trails to the player’s arms when they punch. I have this module that can make effects, and all of them have been working until now. This is the code I’m using to add the trail:

		local Effect1 = effects.Trail:Clone()
		Effect1.Parent = Char["Right Arm"]
		Effect1.Position = Char["Right Arm"].Position
		local Effect2 = effects.Trail:Clone()
		Effect2.Parent = Char["Right Arm"]
		Effect2.Position = Char["Right Arm"].Position
		game.Debris:AddItem(Effect1, 1)
		game.Debris:AddItem(Effect2, 1)

I can confirm the trail attachment is being parented to the player’s arm:

It’s just not showing. When I parent the attachments to a rig’s arm in the work space and then move the arm around, the trail shows, so I’m not sure what I could possibly be doing wrong. If anyone can help I would appreciate it!


do you enable the trail in the script or is it already enabled

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You are changing the position of the trail to the arm you dont need to do that if u parent it should be fine. Also check if it’s enabled and when you are destroying the trail

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yeah the trail is always enabled, I checked before I destroyed it and it returned true

try offsetting the position of one attachment a little

you didn’t set any attachments

maybe the rotation of the attachment is a problem, it can cause this if they look at the same direction

They’re in different positions