Train 3D to Blender


I am wondering how to get any train in real life for Blender then inverting to Roblox Studio, how do I do it?

You would probably have to model the train yourself, you can watch tutorials on youtube to help you learn how to model a train in blender.

here is an example of a train modelling tutorial.


Okay thank you, I will try if it’s easy.

I’d recommend Blender Guru, he’s a great Youtuber and his channel is primarily Blender based.

I actually, will do on Roblox Studio more instead of doing it on Blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

What train are you trying to build specifically? I might be able to give some advice.

'ey up Tobes my guy

also CSG would probably be easier although i cant build

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As Carl correctly suggested, CSG might be easier for you if you’re already familar with CSG and how it works.

Although if you’re just starting out with modelling I’d try to learn blender as I’m predicting that’ll be the future.

In real life at Lisbon where I live.

Do you know what the name of the train is?

The name of the train is automotive, 2 floors.

These? If so, I believe CSG would work well for you.

I found some tutorials that might be helpful! Check it out here! :smile::

Hope these helped!

It’s okay, I’m doing it on Roblox Studio.