Train carriages bugging out

Hi Devforum! This is my first post.

I’ve made a train with bogies and can be driven but the problem is that only the first carriage moves but not the ones behind. I’ve tried using rope and rod constraints to connect the carriages but it bugs out and derails the carriage.

Video of the problem:

Screen Recording (13-05-2022 6-53-31 AM).wmv (4.6 MB)

Is there any solutions to this problem? Thanks.

Are any Parts of the following carriages Anchored?
Have you used a HingeConstraint between the carriages?
What force are you using to drive the train carriages, and is this in all of them or just the first one?

I’ve got a place that I made for someone to help show them one way to make a very simple train. It may help you out as well:
Train Experiment.rbxl (39.8 KB)

There’s a VectorForce in each carriage. If you select both the VectorForces you can change the value of the force in X or Z (I can’t remember) but leave the Y value as negative because this seems to keep it on the track. Start with 500 for both, and steadily increase it to see how the train acts. I think I got it up to something stupid like 40000 before it jumped the tracks.


None of the parts are anchored

I am using body velocity and there’s only one and its in the front carriage.


The circle part is the carriage where the body velocity is located

Have you used a HingeConstraint between the carriages?
Did you have a look at my train example?

If you are determined to use BodyVelocity then try putting one in all the carriages and script them all together when moving the train.

Or just try using a way other than BodyVelocity…

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I’ve putted body velocity in both carriages and it works now!

Thank you!

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