Train Station Feedback

Yes, i’m going back to it after time.

I need some support (feedback) so I can have lift off again

I am attempting to achieve this:


Its looks alright. Is this unfinished though?


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Maybe you can add some seating, trash cans, and more details on roof.

Yes that is unfinished… do the rails look okay though? They look a bit square…

I feel like you need to add more rails because if you picture a train in there, it may seem strange with only one. But it’s up to you if you want to add more or not.

IRL there’s only 1 station platform.

Is that what you are meaning, or do you mean there should be sidings?

Hmm… maybe add some seats and moving AI’s to bring it to life :+1:

Is the track mode okay?

I am trying out a modelling software called “Blender.” If for the moment the rails are fine, I won’t edit them in Blender. If they are not fine, I’ll give it a go.
I’ll send you a screenshot of the rails…

They seem square and flat…

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Compared to the average creation in 2022, this is extremely bad.
But since you’re still progressing and learning I’ll say that it’s alright. You can try to add more layers and less sharp corners 0n the roof.

I think the build is ok. @TxMys10

If you are going for realism, what you are trying to achieve with this build is not even as close like the original reference picture but if your main focus isn’t realism, ignore what I said about realism.

The roof seems too thin, there needs to be details like what @ardrous said, and parts of the build is incomplete!

And here are some little things you should notice:

This wall is too small

The parts is clipping into the roof

I really think these train tracks look way too small and way to crowded. I suggest removing one of the train tracks and make it more larger for an actual train to travel on.


Also are these supposed to be doors? If they are, put down some door handles for goodness sake.

When you think you are done with a build or something, please make sure to take another look before your done but again, the build looks just ok. :ok_hand:

I don’t necessarily agree that this build is extremely bad. That’s an overstatement. Especially at the fact that you can’t build yourself.

However, if you are able to build now, then I suggest changing your profile description.

You live in houses, you eat food, but do you know how to make them? Yet you still know whether if it’s good or bad.
If I got one of the best chefs working for me, I think I have the rights to comment on some low quality food. Yeah Ik he tried and I mentioned that

I suggest adding more detail to the model especially for the walls because they are mostly the most focused object out of all the other parts. You could add more props to the train station to make it look more appealing. You should also add frames to the doors.

The prevalent way the builds are placed and positioned is good. If I had to guess what it is, the first thing that would come to my mind is a train station. However, the colors and materials don’t fit nicely, in my opinion. More details are necessary so realism is achieved.

Perhaps, use more material decals on the rails and the station.