Train too heavy with any amount of torgue

My freight train is too heavy and no matter what a set the torque to it will either glitch out or just still have trouble moving, it uses fake wheels to move

With mass, it can’t move

With no mass, the train is not realistically crashing or going down or up ramps

I have 2 fake wheels on both ends yet with mass it still goes insanely slow. I don’t want to make a massless or it won’t be realistic so i need a solution for this problem. This train uses absolutely no scripting as it is powered by a vehicle seat with throttle one 1 (when a vehicle seat has throttle on 1 and detects hinges it powers them automatically as if a player were driving it )

Do you have a BodyGyro or AlignOrientation in the train? It’s strange that it tries to stay level.

You can change the Density of your train Parts as well. I’d suggest making all the Parts Massless except for a main ‘frame’ Part. Click the CustomPhysicalProperties in your frame Part and change the Density to whatever allows the train to move the best.
Also you can change the Friction of the wheels to help out.

Physics trains also need some sort of Part or wheels underneath the tracks to keep them from derailing.

I’ve posted a few times in different posts with a train model that works pretty well. Posts like :Creating a cart that can go uphill and is more stable

it doesn’t have any of those you listed, i’ll test the density of the main frame and see what density is the best. there also is these wheels too ( it’s a crashing game so i need it possible to derail, it respawns every 60 seconds )

I’ll also see if the friction changes anything

Wait. i just removed the NPC in there and it worked… turned out it was that. Sorry but thanks for the help!


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