Train Tracks for my game

I made this cool train track for my driving game, R&N Driving (soon with trains too)! What do you think about how it’s all setup so far?


Woah, honestly, from watching the beginning of the video, i already love how it works.

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Personally, speaking from a builder’s point of view, I see many things that could be improved.

To begin with, based on what’s in the video, the rails and the base of the train track are extraordinarily difficult to tell apart at a glance. You could easily fix this by changing the materials and/or colors to be different - I’d personally recommend cobblestone, grass, or concrete for the railbed, and metal for the tracks.

Additionally, I’d recommend putting intermittent pillars within the tunnel, along with making the walls out of a slightly yellow/blue concrete - Doing so will provide a nice level of contrast from the terrain and the tracks, which is much needed.

Finally, I’d recommend using UICorner and some transparency effects on your control UIs, as doing so will provide a far more polished look to the controls.

id like it, but I think that you should remodel the train.

Right now its just a slightly edited train from my meme train game