Training and Shift Operations Guide

Training and Shift Operations Guide :palm_tree:
Written by Acaivio Staff Management


Welcome to Acaivio’s Training Operations Guide! This handbook or guide will explain things that are about the Training Times, Training Operations, and Shift Operations. This will help you a lot especially if you are interested in training, and shifts. We hope that this will help you a lot.

Training Times

Located below is the training schedule for Acaivio. If you are interested in ranking up we suggest that you attend one of our training that fits your timezone. If your time zone isn’t there it is very recommended to use a timezone converter. We also suggest that you join 15 minutes before the training starts in order to not get locked out of the server. If you are not available at any of these times, you can always ping a Shift Leader or above in our communications server and ask them to host a private training session.

Training Center:

Time Zone Converter:

Training Schedule

Monday - Sunday

12 PM EST — 5 PM GMT — 4 PM UTC

6 PM EST — 11 PM GMT — 10 PM UTC

10 PM EST — 3 AM GMT — 3 AM UTC

The training session will be unlocked at exactly XX:45 and will be slocked at exactly XX:59, when the time hits at XX:00 the session will begin.

What ranks can attend trainings?

Awaiting Training to Junior Juicer

Junior Juicer to Juicer

Juicer to Senior Juicer

After you become a Junior Juicer, you are not required to attend trainings to rank up, instead you could gain points at the Juice Bar and get ranked up; although if you attend trainings and pass you will still be ranked to your next rank, located below are how many points are required:

100 - Juicer
150 - Senior Juicer

Training Operations

During training, the Trainer and Assistants will provide you with information that could benefit you. So, while you are in training you should always pay attention when they are stating the information because if you ever missed out there will be a low chance of passing the training.

  • In the first stage, your Trainers will test you by having you correct a grammar mistake.

  • In the second stage, your trainers will explain how you’ll make a proper greeting for the customers.

  • In the third stage, is an Ordering Stage you will be asked to make a food or drink, once you are done you are required to hand it to them, if ever you got the order correct you will be given a point.

  • In the last stage, they will explain to you how to deal with trollers or rule breakers in-game, after they explain it to you, you will be tested in this stage. If you achieve all the points required you will proceed to your next rank.

Training Policies

During the training, there are several rules that you must abide by. The rules are listed and explained briefly below.

UNIFORM: During Training Sessions, it is required to wear Acaivio’s uniform for LR, and MR at all times. Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing, especially during training, because you must remain professional during training. If you were caught wearing inappropriate or wearing something that breaks the rules you will receive a warning.

AFK/LEAVING EARLY: If you were to go AFK during the training, please inform your trainers before going AFK. If you do not notify them before going AFK or leaving the training you will be kicked out of the server after 5 minutes of being AFK.

ARRIVAL TIME: All LR’s are expected to arrive early at the training center, you must at least join 20-25 minutes before the session starts. Arriving early also has an advantage: you will be given a chance to not get locked out of the server. Arriving early could also benefit the host; it would be easier to set up trainers, assistants on the teams that are in need of assistance.

Shift Operations
Attending Shifts could help you get ranked up, if you are working hard and you were to be noticed you will possibly be able to rank up. Shifts are hosted randomly throughout the day, make sure to keep your eye out for them.

Shifts are held at the Juice Bar whenever someone hosts one, shifts are there to make the Juice Bar active and also just to make sure the community is safe out there. Lastly, shifts are also there to have fun.

Shift Policies

ACTIONS: During Shift Policies, you must also pay attention to what you or others are doing, for example, you should not be doing anything that is inappropriate, swearing, trolling, and using caps intentionally. If ever you get caught doing this when Shifts are happening you will receive consequences.

DISRESPECT: Disrespect is not tolerated at Acaivio Juice Bar. If you were to be joking around, we would get it but don’t go too far. If you are doing it in a trolling action, you will be warned then kicked.

SERVING: Please make sure to be helping the Customers if you are working as an LR at Acaivio. If there is no one behind counters and assisting Customers, we would ask you to work behind counters. However, if you refuse to do it you will be told again. After asking twice there will be consequences along with this.


We hope that everyone in the Acaivio community will respectfully follows our Training and Shift Operation Guide! We are informing you that disobeying any of the rules that are included here will result in severe consequences! If you have any questions or concerns regardless regarding this handbook, feel free to contact any member of Staff Management.

Staff Management

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