Training | Lava Hotels


Begin by joining the session game 20 minutes prior to the session. Announce this session on the group wall. This should go like this:” [TRAINING] There is a training currently starting at the training center! “ After shouting, please announce it on the discord. It should sound like this:
@everyone Lava| TRAINING
A training is currently starting at the training center.
All trainees - Junior Reception could come and train.
Host: @___
Co-Host: @___
Ranker: @___
Supervisor: @___
Staff members rank 11 and up are welcome to come and train trainees.

When the session is starting, please say countdown 100


When the countdown ends, start to paste these into your admin bar.

[HOST] M Salutations! Welcome to Lava Hotels training center. My name is [NAME] and today I will be hosting your session.

[COHOST] m Venerations! Welcome to Lava Hotels Trainings. My name is [NAME] and I will be your co-host for this entire session!


Sm We will begin this session by talking about our rules, ToS, and other information crucial to your success.

Sm PTS is now in effect.Please say PTS and an admin will go to you and answer your question. (Permission To Speak)

Countdown 50
[If nobody asks a question in 15 seconds, shut the timer off and go to the next step.]

Sm PTS is now unabled. Please do not speak until we say PTS is enabled again.

Sm We will start off with our rules.

Sm [1] Trainees, and staff, are required to use correct grammar. Failing to use grammar will result in a strike.

Sm [2] Trolling is not allowed at all. Every time you troll, you get banned from the staff department.

Sm [3] Exploiting, glitching, etc, is not allowed. Not following this rule results in not only a ban from the staff department, but from the group and games.

Sm [4] Respect is mandatory. Not having respect for our wonderful admins, and or the community is not tolerated.

Sm [5] Please avoid going AFK during this session, as it may affect others.

Sm [6] Please direct your full attention to your trainer when you are being trained. This is crucial to success.

-Next page-
Sm [7] When you have passed, please have a seat in the ending ceremony room, and wait quietly until it has confirmed that you passed, and the ranker ranks you.

Sm Thank you for listening to our rules. We will now move onto our grammar regulations.


M Grammar is crucial to your success. Lack of grammar can make you fail the whole session.

M We have a III strike system. Each time you lack grammar, you receive a strike. III Strikes and you fail the session.

M We require you take no less than I minute to come up with your answer. This is crucial.

M Your answers should include lots of detail. This is crucial, as it makes your answer more professional.

M Thank you for listening to grammar. Your wonderful host will now go over trolling, and greetings. Then, we may start! Good luck!


M If you ever come across a troller, please warn them. You will talk more into that with your wonderful trainers when I am finished.

M Trolling is when people excessively use capital letters, use phrases to make people laugh, but troll with it.

M You should know how to deal with these, and you will learn more later.

M Your greetings should include lots of detail. An example of:

M Hello! Welcome to Lava Hotels and Resorts! My name is [NAME] and today I will be assisting you. With all pleasure, how may I help you?
M This is now the end of the greeting part. Thank you for listening to our assembly. Good luck training!

Give me staff
Sm All trainees, please navigate to the room you would like to train for!

Sm All staff, please go to the room you would like to train.

M Good luck!


Group Shout: [TRAINING] The training has been s-locked! Good luck to those who are attending! Didn’t make it? Don’t worry! We have sessions every day!

If a trainer asks to give security tools, or housekeeping tools, please use the give command, and view the tools. Please name each trainer the group they are training, and what they are training. Example: name kali Trainer B| Security - Kali
Name michael Trainer A| Reception - Michael

M This session has now concluded! Thank you so much to all that attended! If you are a trainer, please kick those that have failed. To those that have passed, and staff, please come to the after promotion room to get ranked!

M Thank you so much for attending! Enjoy!

(Use chat.)
Greetings! PTS is now in effect. If you have any questions before we begin, me and the other admins would be more than happy to answer them!

Alright! Are we ready to start?
Alright! Great. Next page.
So, we will begin by asking if you can check me in. I will walk up to each person’s desk, and ask for a room. You will give me a room by simply clicking the screen on your in-game reception computer.

Next, you will click check-in. Please type in my username, and look at the board on the wall. That board lists all available rooms. Please give me an available room.

I would also like for you to have your greeting ready. Please jump when you have it ready.

Okay, I will now be walking up to you one by one. I expect a nice greeting, and my room the correct way.

Thank you all for giving me a room! I will reward the people that have passed this session with a point.

Name [-player that passed-] Point(s) 1

If their grammar is not correct, please do not give them a point and grammar strike them, like this: name [player] GS I/III

We will now move onto trolling. I will walk up to your desk and troll. Please have your greeting ready for this, also.

Here at Lava, we have a III warning system. A warning could be given out for these following things:

Caps Abuse, Trolling, swearing, inappropriate words, and other things.

When handing out a warning, please use the warn command, it should go like this.

Warn [PLAYER] [Reason for warn]

And say to the player, WI - [PLAYER NAME] [ABUSE REASON].

Although abusers and trollers get III warnings, exploiters get none. If you see an exploiter, call for a senior rank on the group wall, or the dizzy.

If you ever see an admin, abusing commands, please also call for a senior rank.
I will now troll at your desks, please be ready.

Passers - grammar strikes - points

Helpers will now ask you Q and A’s. If these answers are correct, you will be given a point.

The question will pop up in a white box on the bottom right of your device. Please click it and answer the question there, not in chat.

Pm [player] When was Lava founded?

Pm [player] Why do you want the job?

Pm [player] Why should we let you pass?

This is the end of the session! Thank you for attending! Please do not leave yet, as the people that have passed need to be ranked.


Kick [player] [Reason why failed, e.g., lack of points, grammar, detail.] Failed.


Everybody here has passed, and will be given a rank! Please follow me to the promotions rooms and we will have you ranked!

Thank you for attending this session, and you will now be kicked! Any questions before you leave?

Alright! Thank you for attending this session, enjoy!

Kick [player] Passed! You have been ranked!

Host, may I leave, now?

Hello! Shall we start? Any questions?

Okay, great! So, CS’s job is to clean rooms sometimes, and answer any community questions. Please answer this Q&A!

Pm [player] When was Lava founded?

Pm [player] Why do you want the job?

Pm [player] Why should we let you pass?


Customer service is a small training, because you do not do many things, but I am excited to say that you have passed the training! Please follow me to the promotion room and you will be ranked!

Any questions before you are kicked?

kick [player] Pased


CS Is a small training, but sadly, this is the end, and you have failed due to [] Any questions before you are kicked?

Kick [] Failed

Welcome! Are you ready? Any questions?

Alright! So, security’s job is to keep the Hotel free from abusers. Reception will call security when they come across an abuser at their desk, You must keep the Hotel free from it.

You all will be given security tools momentarily to practice on me. Please, only pull out the tools when practicing on me.
Next page
So, I will be pretending to be a troller. This is based on your knowledge and we would like to see what you know. First off, [].

Please direct your attention to the practice square.

Alright, you have passed! Follow me to the ranking room!
Sorry, but you have failed. Any questions before you are kicked?