Train/Railway Showcase Changelog

Train/Railway Showcase Change Log

Current stage: Beta
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Current version 0.1.1:

  • Fixed starter tools - players now spawn with the ticket only.
  • Removed duplicate parts
  • Enabled bubble chat
  • Changed default avatar to R6 style
  • Each lift at the station now has its own number


Version 0.1.0
  • Initial release.
  • Upgrade to CSG v3 engine


* means high priority
P1 means update is in planning
P2 means update is currently in production

Updates are worked on in no particular order, but as a general rule of thumb, higher priority updates will usually be completed before others.

Future updates

  • Make the ticket machines functional | * P2
  • Fully model the station concourse | * P1
  • Add ambient noise to station/train environments | P1
  • Add various platform items (vending machines, benches, etc) | P1