Trains and rolling stock i've made over the past months!

Hello! I found this topic called Cool Creations and I would like to share mine with you. All of these are train-related, as I am a railroad enthusiast.

This is a railroad crossing signal I put together, which uses Motor6D to move the gate up and down.
It’s my best one yet, with simply deleting one line of code from the run script to configure it, as all of it works with values.

This is a 2-8-0 “Consolidation” locomotive I built around a week ago.

This is a high-hood SD45 I just finished a couple of days ago, along with some Union Pacific boxcars in the back.

Here’s a coach I just finished yesterday, which I am proud of! I really like the design of it and how it turned out.

Here’s ATSF #3460, my first streamlined locomotive I built for my track.

This is a small Union Pacific 0-6-0 switcher I put together a month ago.

Here is my 2nd locomotive I built for my track. Union Pacific #9000, the longest surviving steam locomotive in the United States.

My 1st one, which I will be remaking, is an attempt at a Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4.

While it was a good practice to build on, it never worked that great and was built during the time in which I was still deciding on how my trains would work. Some parts weren’t built correctly, some proportions aren’t correct, and could just use major improvements in not only detail, but functionality too. I’m actually remaking this soon after I focus more on rolling stock (Boxcars, Passenger cars).


Woah…this is Amazing! Keep up the great work👍


These are all fantasticly amazing, Id love to see them in a game or even a basic showcase


Thanks! All of these will be in a free-drive game meaning you can drive any train you want. I have these route games where i’ll do train ride events with these, so people can ride the train through any terrain, from a snowy town to a stretch of track in the middle of the desert.


You created a lot of trains and they all look amazing! Even the map they are on looks great!


lol Hi Skai, noice trains :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


They look extremely cool. Were these all creations made in Roblox?


I love them a lot. Is this a mesh you made or something in ROBLOX. Because the number of parts you must’ve used to make this using ROBLOX parts must lag the game right?


Mhm, all of these were made in roblox, no outside sources used to make anything.


Every single part you see there was made in Roblox. While big areas are converted to meshes later to optimize the train everything was still entirely made in Roblox


A late reply, but these look amazing! very realistic. Very American, just wondering, do these work like actually run? Just wondering.

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Every single one of them runs, have moving rods, moving cab controls, realistic SFX


The attention to detail is absolutely mindblowing. Excellent work!


it’s crazy to think about how powerful the somewhat basic tools in roblox studio can be if you try hard enough!


Yeah! Especially when making machinery like this. I’m almost done remaking the one in the last photo, so stay tuned for that.