Traitor Town! 3 Info

Traitor Town! 3 is based off of a certain Garry’s Mod gamemode, where Traitors must defeat the Innocents and vice versa! This will hopefully be an upgrade over Traitor Town. The game is currently a WIP, lots of features are missing and many bugs are present.

Eventually it will be renamed, maybe to Those You Trust.

All dates are formatted as DD/MM/YY and based on UTC time.


If a version has -R (example, V0.5.1-R), that version is a required update that all servers must restart for. Generally this is only for critical bug fixes or exploit patches.
Versions prior to V0.5 may be missing and may have inaccurate changes - if for some reason you know that it is incorrect, let me know - they should be fairly accurate though.


The Big Update
Patch - 10/09/23: Console is now supported, provided you connect a keyboard and mouse.

V0.7.19 - 03/09/23
  • Redirected >13 users to a certain off-site platform for feedback
  • Banned a certain unwanted user
V0.7.18.3 - 06/05/23
  • Added !testplace command to go to the test place if you dare… (be aware that the Test Place can be really broken)
  • Yes V0.8 is still underway
V0.7.18.2 - 13/04/23
  • Fixed Grenade causing game to freeze and crash (hopefully)
    • I can hardly reproduce this in Studio so I genuinely don’t know if it’s fixed
    • If it’s still a problem please let me know in Feedback
  • V0.8 is still underway
V0.7.18.1 - 02/02/23
  • Added Trouble In Tester Town badge for joining whilst the game is in a WIP state
    • Will be awarded to anyone who did not play after creation of badge but did join whilst in WIP, though there is no perfect way for me to see who this includes
    • Apparently ‘you’ sets off the text filter in badge descriptions, cool stuff
  • Version V0.8 is the main focus now
V0.7.18 - 22/01/23
  • Weapon balancing:
    • Increased Pistol ammo capacity
    • Increased Silenced Pistol ammo capacity
    • Decreased Assault Rifle ammo capacity
    • Decreased Silenced Pistol recoil
    • Decreased Crowbar speed
    • Decreased Grenade fuse time

  • Removed an unused sound
  • Disabled all datastores except settings because they cause problems
  • Fixed RoundInfo gradients being visible on less conventional window sizes
  • Fixed positioning of Golden Gun’s laser
  • Mostly fixed corpse flinging
    • Still sometimes doesn’t work, especially with Grenade
  • Hopefully fixed Z-Fighting on Nuketown 2.0
V0.7.17.2 - 21/01/23
  • Crosshair is displayed on mobile
  • Actually applied error and feedback improvements
  • Hopefully fixed some issues with datastores
  • Removed a weird strip of water that existed for some reason
V0.7.17.1 - 21/01/23
  • Significant fixes to ADS
  • Some minor issues still remain
V0.7.17 - 21/01/23
  • Made RoundInfo a little more visually pleasing
  • Credits can now be taken from corpses
  • Credits are now awarded for deaths of important roles (Traitor dead, Detective credits - Detective dead, traitor credits)
  • Added Detective Hat
  • Disabled player-player collision
  • Updated deprecated collision groups
  • Made map credits less janky
  • Removed rich text from feedback because it doesn’t work
  • Small change to feedback and error reporting

  • Playerlist improvements:
    • Corpses can now be viewed from playerlist (if you or a Detective have searched it)
    • Karma is displayed
    • Removed role text
    • Fixed player info appearing in the wrong place

  • From now on only the major update (V0.7) and 2 most recent minor updates will be in the in-game changelog (devforum changelog will still contain all updates)
V0.7.16 - 29/12/22
  • Looking into fixing getting stuck in ADS
    • For now, if it happens, hold right click then unequip the gun

  • Added crosshair player info
  • Players are no longer automatically confirmed dead on round end
  • Disconnecting players are properly handled
    • If you find any oddities, use feedback or @ me
    • Report any other issues also
V0.7.15.1 - 24/12/22
  • Fixed footsteps
  • Fixed Future lighting being used
  • Fixed default Running and Died sounds still playing
  • Hopefully improved corpses
V0.7.15 - 23/12/22
  • Made guns quieter
  • Fixed arm positions on guns
  • Fixed Grenade hold animation
  • Made Grenade throw corpses (will be improved)
  • Added tooltips for settings
  • Adjusted lighting
  • Added FIB compatibility setting (only for modded clients)
V0.7.14 - 23/12/22
  • Username is shown for Elimination victory
  • New explosion logic
    • Ensure explosions kill pyrrhic victors last (traitors)
  • Increased chance of Elimination being selected
  • Removed an old script
  • Fixed death confirmation notifications not appearing sometimes
  • Fixed rounds not ending sometimes
V0.7.13.2 - 22/12/22
  • Silenced Pistol now stops death screams
  • Fixed equipment and kill list nonsense
  • Fixed players appearing twice in kill list, for real this time
  • Fixed an error that made rounds fail to start
  • Fixed default roblox death and footstep sounds still playing
V0.7.13.1 - 21/12/22
  • Fixed Golden Gun setting karma to 1 on mistake
  • Other misc. fixes
V0.7.13 - 21/12/22
  • New notification system
  • Confirmed Dead players’ roles are revealed
  • Fixed confirming death of already confirmed dead players
  • Hopefully fixed players appearing twice in kill list
  • Fixed timer not displaying sometimes
  • Fixed Radar showing dead players
  • Fixed shop not updating when buying Radar
V0.7.12 - 21/12/22
  • Items are now dropped on death
  • All roles are shown in playerlist when round ends
  • Alive status of all players is shown when round ends
  • Crowbar now does equal damage to all body parts
  • Minor optimisations to Golden Gun and Crowbar
  • Fixed searching corpses not confirming death
  • Fixed equipment list not appearing
  • Fixed kill list not appearing
  • Fixed dead players being able to pick up dropped items
  • Fixed items not disappearing on death
V0.7.11 - 20/12/22
  • TT3 will appear more often than Elimination
  • Increased damage of most weapons
  • Corpses are correctly thrown when killed
  • Added sound for explosions
  • Added death sounds
    • Headshots make no sound
  • Fixed ragdolls
V0.7.10.2 - 17/12/22
  • Fixed some errors
V0.7.10.1 - 17/12/22
  • Fixed weapons not working
V0.7.10 - 15/12/22
  • Highly semantic
  • Footsteps are now server-side
  • Added some highlights music
  • Fixed rounds failing to start sometimes
V0.7.9 - 12/12/22
  • Added option to enable player shadows (off by default)
  • Added footstep sounds to related materials
  • Aiming state is correctly toggled on touchscreens
V0.7.8.1 - 10/12/22
  • Fixed Nuketown using incorrect skybox
V0.7.8 - 10/12/22
  • Added Grenade and Bullet Vest to Elimination
  • Fixed radar showing your own location
  • Fixed Bullet Vest not resisting damage to HumanoidRootPart
  • Fixed spawning with Golden Gun, for real this time
  • Fixed elimination victory screen not appearing sometimes (though it is quite useless)
  • Fixed some errors that didn’t affect anything
V0.7.7.1 - 10/12/22
  • Fixed being unable to equip an item with click
  • Fixed radar highlight not showing
  • Fixed starting with Golden Gun
  • Specify that bug reports should be specific

  • During the unfinished period of the game (right now), rounds will be able to start with just one player for ease of testing.
V0.7.7 - 09/12/22
  • Golden Gun now correctly uses slot 7

  • Golden Gun now punishes you for shooting the wrong person

  • Various improvements to Golden Gun’s laser

  • Equipment shop now displays the slot occupied by an item

  • Scrollbar is now inset to accomodate this

  • Minor improvement to error reporting

  • Minor improvement to feedback

  • Enabled various roblox optimisations

  • Hopefully fixed dead players still being able to move

  • Fixed some Z-Fighting on Nuketown

  • Removed several unneeded prints

V0.7.6.1 - 26/11/22
  • Fixed ragdolls breaking stuff sometimes
  • Minor improvement to error reporting
V0.7.6 - 22/11/22
  • Fixed TT3 rounds not ending when all enemies are dead
  • Fixed rounds starting with 1 player
  • Fixed feedback button being inaccessible on mobile
  • Fixed screen orientation on mobile
  • Hopefully fixed Join Round button not appearing sometimes

  • Further improved error reporting
V0.7.5 - 21/11/22
  • Fixed Mesa Monocraft being removed from map pool
  • Fixed spawning in the same place (thanks roblox)
  • Fixed Bullet Vest breaking everything
  • Fixed voting not working
  • Improved error reporting
V0.7.4 - 10/11/22
  • Added more weapons spawns to Nuketown 2.0
  • Reload keybind and layout can now be edited
  • You are now informed when you… have a nice try
  • Ammo bar is hidden for crowbar
V0.7.3 - 09/11/22
  • Added a feedback gui (will not be misused)

  • Fixed Elimination being removed from gamemode pool
  • Fixed only needing one player to start a round
  • Fixed 3rd person being used
V0.7.2 - 06/11/22
  • Slowed down reload animation
  • Improved ragdolls

  • Fixed rounds being bad
  • Fixed scope appearing when holding right click with a non-scope weapon
  • Fixed being unable to aim with Assault Rifle
  • Fixed being unable to pick up dropped weapons
  • Fixed crowbar using bullets
  • Fixed being able to reload when on full ammo
V0.7.1 - 01/11/22
  • Re-enabled victory screen, events and scores will be re-added in V0.8
  • Ammo is shown in the yellow bar of round info GUI
  • Increased round start and voting time to 10 seconds
  • Made lack of health bar colour darker

  • Fixed starting with Golden Gun in TT3
  • Fixed Assault Rifle ads being dumb
  • Fixed being able to shoot whilst reloading

  • Expect another patch very soon (again)
V0.7.0 - 31/10/22
  • Fancy new UI by @nastydagger22

  • Implemented features missing from V0.6:
    • Karma, Self-Defense, Damage Falloff, Ammo
  • Reworked ladders
  • Reworked settings
  • Can edit shadows, keybinds and touchscreen layouts

  • Rewrote the roundhandler
  • Added Elimination gamemode
  • Added map: Nuketown 2.0 by @smmpIistic

  • Added Bullet Vest
  • Added Golden Gun
  • Added some more victory music, removed others

  • Temporarily removed highlights GUI
  • Changed to Compatibility Lighting (for compatibility)
  • Maps can set custom lighting settings and skybox (same format as Traitor Town)
  • New icons for equipment and corpse info
  • Decreased price of Silenced Pistol to 1 credit
  • Made recoil more rigid
  • Made rounds rotate quicker
  • Victory music now fades in and out

  • Fixed strange animations when holding weapons
  • Fixed being unable to inspect corpses
  • Fixed message when trying to purchase something you can’t
  • Fixed grenade damage
  • Fixed radar head being opaque
  • Fixed mobile layout settings
  • Fixed victory music not playing
  • Fixed the playerlist
  • Hopefully fixed significant desyncs between firerate, assuming ping isn’t too high

  • Expect another patch very soon
  • Definitely did not accidentally publish this early

Weapon Rework Part 1

V0.6.2 - 02/09/22
  • Enabled voice chat
  • Fixed grenades remaining in inventory after use
  • Made most GUIs that needed it have dynamic canvas size
  • Small change to lighting
  • If nothing else appears this will be the last update before finishing off the weapon rework
V0.6.1 - 01/09/22
  • Fixed weapons firing when equipped
  • Fixed being unable to drop items
  • Fixed changelog text sometimes being cutoff
  • Made mobile settings more intuitive
  • Small balancing changes
  • Roblox goofed and now highlights don’t work, will apparently be fixed Wednesday
V0.6.0-R - 26/07/22
  • Unfortunately I ran out of time to finish this, however it is FAR better regardless and so it is released anyway

  • Updates will resume in September

  • Weapon Rework Part 1 (UNFINISHED)

    • Better support for mobile
    • Weapons are now hitscan rather than projectile
    • Weapons now have spread
      • Very high spread when jumping, slightly higher when just moving
      • Aim down sights to reduce and also center your aim
    • Weapons now recoil
    • Weapons have some basic animations, will be improved in Part 2
    • Weapons can now have scopes
    • Weapons impact player corpses when killed
    • Added aiming down sights
    • Added Shotgun, Deagle, Dragunov, Crowbar, Assault Rifle
    • Removed Fast Gun
    • Added some new sounds to weapons
    • Silenced Pistol is significantly quieter

    • Should also be less memory leaks (ideally none but I probably missed some)
    • Fixed bullet holes facing the wrong way

    • Weapon Rework Part 2 will include better animations and more guns, aswell as a backend cleanup
      • Will be done before full release
  • Added scoring

    • Killed Innocent +2
    • Killed Detective +6
    • Killed Traitor +6

    • Teamkilled Innocent -2
    • Teamkilled Detective -8
    • Teamkilled Traitor -20

    • Discovering a corpse as Innocent +1

    • Values will probably be tweaked

  • Added round highlights

    • Values will be tweaked and more will be added

  • Improvements to event log

    • Damage is now logged and events can be filtered
    • More improvements and filters will be made
  • Better slotbar

    • Unfinished and will change

  • Radar now uses highlights and shows distance

  • Detectives have been disabled due to breaking the game and also being useless

  • Map reloads when the round is over

  • Weapons spawn throughout the map

  • New TextChatService chat is used

  • Voxel lighting technology now used instead of future to help performance (initially I thought of using - Compatibility but it looked too ugly)

  • Fixed radar

V0.5.8.1 - 23/05/22
  • Inspecting a corpse now confirms any kills on that corpse
V0.5.8 - 23/05/22
  • Can no longer purchase certain equipment if you already have it
  • Hidden body armour from the equipment shop
  • Can now see equipment and kill lists on corpses
  • General improvements to inspecting corpses
  • Fixed some annoying errors
V0.5.7 - 21/05/22
  • Traitors “markers” now use highlights
V0.5.6 - 21/05/22
  • Pastafied a little more spaghetti code
  • Added radar*
    • *Anything you buy in the equipment shop that isn’t a weapon will get you a radar - body armour doesn’t exist yet
V0.5.5 - 19/05/22
  • Added colours to the playerlist to denote that player’s role
  • Disabled scores button because scores don’t exist yet (Weapon Revamp Part 1!)
  • Fixed karma not updating in the playerlist
  • Fixed health not being rounded, turns out I just completely forgot to round it
  • Fixed the time displayed in the event log
  • “Fixed” hits being registered on corpses
  • Hopefully fixed corpses being sentient
  • I’m go sleep now
V0.5.4 - 19/05/22
  • Fixed players not being removed from the playerlist if they disconnect
  • Fixed being able to access the equipment shop when not a traitor
V0.5.3 - 19/05/22
  • Pastafied some spaghetti code again and also guis
  • Search corpses to take their credits if they had any
  • Prepare for scoring, will be coming in the Weapon Rework Part 1
V0.5.2 - 18/05/22
  • Pastafied some spaghetti code
  • Role identifiers, finally
    • Detectives now have hats
    • Traitors now have markers that can be seen by other traitors
V0.5.1-R - 17/05/22
  • I’m aware that events log is broken rn, will fix soon
  • Added some notifications in the top-right corner for bodies found and earning credits
  • Gun rework still in progress
  • Fixed a bug with the player list
  • Changed the innocent hint again
  • Removed the historical changelog button
V0.5.0 - 16/05/22
  • Been a while since the last update, had many issues with my computer
  • Gun rework still in progress
  • Added player list, press TAB to view (toggled)
  • Changed some hints
  • Fixed a load of annoying errors and stopped printing irrelevant stuff to console
V0.4.4 - 01/05/22
  • Disabled historical changelog
  • Rewriting the weapon system now
    • Next update will probably take a bit longer because of this (or maybe I’ll get distracted by something)
V0.4.3 - 28/04/22
  • Fixed fire rate not working
  • Added a super scuffed and disgusting recoil system (if you cant tell its a super duper wip and i hate it all)
  • Adjusted animations for the pistol (because im not bothered to do the rest rn)
  • Added changelog to a devforum post because the ingame one is hard to maintain
  • Also roblox down trololol!!!
V0.4.2 - 26/04/22
  • Fixed double death messages appearing in event log
  • Other miscellaneous fixes to the event log
V0.4.1 - 25/04/22
  • Added time to events log
    • Now you can know exactly what time you died!
  • This was the most annoying changelog to track down
V0.4.0 - 24/04/22
  • A basic events log added
    • Not finished
    • Scores tab doesn’t work yet; ignore it
  • Hopefully fixed some bugs with UIs sometimes not showing up
V0.3.5 - 24/04/22
  • Fixed unreleased stuff being available, oops
V0.3.4 - 21/04/22
  • Made changelog scrollable so that text isn’t ridiculously small
    • Will be adjusting this in future
  • Fixed changelog selections being a few pixels off-center
  • Fixed changelog ordering changes in the wrong order (what a fun sentence!)
    • Changelog had to be wiped to do this, expect inaccuracies in my manual rewrites :sob:
V0.3.3 - 18/04/22
  • Fixed karma (for real this time I hope)
  • Fixed spawning with grenades in inventory (oops)
  • Last update of the day
V0.3.2 - 18/04/22
  • Enabled grenades again because they should work now
  • This was a much easier fix than I expected
V0.3.1 - 18/04/22
  • Bug fixes for the changelog, equipment shop and karma
  • Buffed Silenced Pistol slightly, temporarily disabled grenades
V0.3.0-R - 15/04/22
  • Added a WIP karma system (no karma bans yet)
V0.2.2-R - 14/04/22
  • Bug fix
V0.2.1-R - 14/04/22
  • Added in-game changelog
  • Check for updates on round end
  • Slightly improved guns
V0.2.0 - 03/04/22
  • Added corpses
V0.1.0 - 01/04/22
  • Released a very experimental version
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