Transaction Page needs to be changed

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use the Transactions page due to the following reasons:

  • Data is limited up to 1 year, resulting in a more painful experience when attempting to calculate life-time sales, purchases, etc
  • Lack of a data range for data (developers and users should be able to set a range between two dates to view transactions that occurred within those two dates)
  • Pending Robux does not provide any indicator as to how long it will be pending for
  • Outgoing Robux should be split into more categories rather than Purchases, DevEx, Cost of Trade, etc
  • Lists are basic and are difficult to understand;

Sponsored Ad Spend:

  • Data does not reference what experienced the Robux was spent on and should provide a link to the sponsorship page for such sponsorship.


  • Data for commissions does not reference the experience where the commission came from or the % of Robux the commission was.

Currency Purchase:

  • Data for currency purchases does not show the amount of real world currency spent on such currency purchases or if the purchase was in relation to premium or standard Robux purchases.

Developer Exchange:

  • Data for Developer Exchanges does not contain the amount of real world currency the Robux was converted to

Group Payouts:

  • Data for group payouts do not provide whether the payout was a one-time payout or a percentage payout nor do they show the amount of percentage paid out. (1st = percentage, 2nd = one-time)

Sales of Goods & Purchases:

  • Data for sales of goods and purchases is not organized or sorted by type of asset, resulting in it being difficult to discover exact data for individual assets and types of assets.

Robux Adjustments:

  • Data for Robux adjustments lacks a reason for such adjustments and can lead to confusion (i.e if it was a one-time rollback, refunded purchases, etc)

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would the Transaction page a lot easier to navigate and data to be easier to sort through.


Hi, your suggestions are amazing and I would love to have these features on a new transactions page.

I just wanted to point out one thing with this reply which is that you duplicated the “Developer Exchange” suggestion