Transfering maps across places?

Hello, I am wanting to implemet a new feature for my game. My game uses dozens of maps and they are constantly being edited or tweaked to as new bugs are found or potential improvements are seen. I would like to add a practice mode for our game using a new place.

My issue: changing each detail of each map twice leaves a lot of room for human error, and frankly seems like a waste of time. Is there some API I can use, or possibly using the http service to have edits in the main game for a map carry over to the place?

Keep all maps in the same place and load them over at different positions so you can edit more than one.

The place will use the maps differently depending on which one is requested to load.

I am not sure I take your meaning. Can you define “load them over at different positions”?

I think he is suggesting you would load the practice map in the same place as the main game as opposed to using a new place.

Instead, I might suggesting using packages.

From the Wiki: “Roblox packages allow you to create object hierarchies once and reuse them in as many experiences as you’d like. With packages, you can keep commonly used models, scripts, and more in sync by updating any copy within any experience to the most current version.”

Looking at the Wiki, it seems like you can convert this map to a package, and update the package experience-wide to reflect the same version across all places.

Let me know if this works for you.

Ah ok cool I will try this, thanks!