Transferring data using remote events

Hello, I’m trying to make an ending system similar to get a snack at 4 am’s. But I’m having trouble with sending data such as the ending name and description through the remote event. Any help?

Server script: (In Proximity Prompt)

	local Player = game.Players:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Player")
	local EndingName = "Test Ending"
	local EndingDesc = "Test Description"
	game.ReplicatedStorage.Events.Ending:FireClient(Player, EndingName, EndingDesc)

Local Script: (In ScreenGui)

EndingEvent.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(EndingName, EndingDesc)
	Gui.EndingName = EndingName
	Gui.EndingDesc = EndingDesc

It’s giving me an error saying: “EndingName is not a valid member of Frame”

I’m having a lot of trouble so any help works. Thx!

What is Gui.EndingName are you sure your Gui has EndingName descendant try printing Gui and Gui:FindFirstChild(“EndingName”) before assigning the ending name and find out if it really exists

Sorry for not closing this sooner. I fixed it, turns out I’m an idiot and didn’t put “.Text” after “Gui.EndingName” Thx anyways!

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