Transferring Game Ownership to a Group

We’re trying to figure out a way to transfer ownership of a place from one of our accounts to a group, while maintain its “status” and visits that help it grow. If not possible, we hope to find a way to direct the attention of the old game place to the new one

As a group of developers coming back to Roblox after quite a hiatus, @theeMega and I have started up an old, fun project that we believe has potential. While he, who owns the game, was offline for a certain time, it accumulated much more visits than we are used to. Reaching around 100k recently, the game, Bikini Bloxtom, is growing at an astounding rate, but we’ve recently decided to form a solid development team to work together on it as one.

This is where a problem arises. My friend who owns the game, now @theeMega , wants to transfer his ownership of the game over to the group. But, by doing so we’d likely lose most of our progress of growth of the game since its first beginning in 2015.

Is it possible to transfer game ownership, while maintaining the game’s status and keeping it in players’ “Recommended For You” tabs?
We were thinking if not, we could also possibly make a way to redirect the player to the “Bikini Bloxtom” game owned by the group when the player joins, but we’re not sure if it would be reasonable to do so.
If there is no possible way of transferring ownership, how can we address the issue so we can keep the game and its updates growing in “status” among other games?

We hope to sort out this problem while the game is barely done and in a beginning/refurbishing phase.
All help would be appreciated. The game’s link is here if you hope to investigate it for yourself:

Thank you for your time.


There isn’t any way to do this. There used to be an offer for forum users to transfer a game from a profile to a group, but this offer has ended a long time ago.


As @DMCPEPlays has said, roblox does not offer a way to do this as of present, what you could do instead however would be to keep the old game up but use it as a teleport hub to teleport players to the new game using TeleportService which you can read about here:


This is the method I agree with, when the new place gets popular enough, I would recommend putting something like [MOVED] in the game title, and linking the game and the group in the description.