Transferring terrain to Blender

Is it possible to transfer terrain from Roblox and import it into Blender?

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You are able to import the terrain geometry by exporting your terrain as an obj file. To do this, open up your place in Studio then right click the Terrain object in Workspace. Select “Export Selection…” then save it to wherever you want.

When you’re done exporting the terrain, open up Blender and go to File > Import > Wavefront (.obj) and select your terrain obj file. Your terrain should appear in your view.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like terrain textures get exported. If you want the textures, you will probably have to manually add them yourself in Blender. I’m not entirely familiar with textures in Blender yet but you could probably do this through Texture Paint. You can find the terrain textures somewhere in the Roblox files.

Also if the terrain is partly missing/transparent, select it, go to Material Properties, go down to the Settings tab, and set Blend Mode to Opaque.


Thanks for you’re help! It works.

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