Transform a player into a noob

Helo ther,
I’m trying to make an admin command that transforms a player into a noobie (pic below)…

I already tried changing every part of the players character to the noob parts (so basically i tried replacing every part in there), but I get the error, that I have insufficient permissions. Is there a way?

Thanks for helping!

create a character rig and make the rig into a noob. Then name it StarterCharacter, then insert it into starter player

Then everyone who joins the game will be a noob… (I dont even need to try it out…)

What you could do is create a HumanoidDescription with al lthe properties you want for the noob and load it onto the character by getting the humanoid of the player’s character and use the :ApplyDescription function of humanoids to apply the HumanoidDescription on them


Oh what did you mean then? I’m confused?

He wants to make it so an admin command he has can turn the specified player into a noob (no accessories and noob colors I believe)

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It doesn’t matter about intelligence, everything is a learning opportunity! You can use this to learn that you need to read through the posts carefully for next time!

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Well to be honest, all you really would need to do is have a function that changes a players shirt and pants to noob shirts and pants. I will assume that you already have the command kernel done.

Something like this

local function changeToNoob(player)
   local character = player.Character
   if character and character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Shirt") and character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Pants") then
       character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Shirt").ShirtTemplate = "noob shirt Id here"
       character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Pants").PantTemplate = "noob pants id here"

Additionally make sure to loop through the character and check for accessories, then destroy them

for _, potentialAccessory in pairs(character:GetChildren()) do
    if potentialAccessory:IsA("Accessory") then