Transform tool not working

Booted up studio today and experienced some weird behavior that won’t leave me alone.
The Transform tool can not select or deselect anything. If i use select tool first, I am able to utilize other Transform functions.

When trying to select something, it prints an error in output about “Worksapce” not existing in “Place1” (obvious).

Never happened before, not downloaded any plugins, not altered the place in any way.

This issue is caused by your “TransformDragger” plugin, an error within the source of the plugin, you can try forking the plugin and fixing the error. It seems that Workspace is missed spelt as “Worksapce”.

Not sure what forking means, but pretty sure the Transform tool is a default tool in Roblox Studio.

You are right. This seems to be a bug that we cannot do anything about. You could try writing this as an bug instead.

I would, but the “Report Bug” button is grayed out for me. DevForum really do be shitting on me sometimes.

Made a bug report on this here: Transform Tool Broken: Code typo broke it "Worksapce"

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