Transformers: Prime - Frequently Asked Questions

Transformers: Prime - FAQ
Game: Transformers: Prime - Roblox

Hey everyone,

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and suggestions for my game, so now that I am a member of the devforums, I thought this would be a good place to create a centralized source of truth for information on upcoming updates. It has been a blast working on this game and seeing it grow, so thanks for all the interest in it and general support!

Please understand that the game is not finished, and is actively being updated.

I do not own and am not affiliated with the Transformers brand. I do not profit from this game. All rights belong to Hasbro and Takara Tomy.

Q: Will my favorite character be added to the game?
A: Potentially. If they appeared in the show or surrounding media, they have pretty good chances. However, they can also be original characters. I try to space out characters who have similar traits (ex. cars with similar designs), and also consider how unique their gameplay may be or if they are a fan favorite.

Q: Are Beast Hunter or RID2015 characters coming to the game?
A: Yes, but don’t expect them for a little while. The amount of effort needed for a beast character is much higher than a car or jet. I also may add a couple characters from RID2015, but it’s not really my focus.

Q: Are you adding other maps or game modes?
A: I would like to add more maps but the game is already pretty resource intense as it is. I need to make the game more efficient in its current state before I consider more maps. Also, maps are exponentially harder than other features. So if a map is coming, it will take a while. Lastly, new game modes would be awesome but I need to make more maps before considering new game modes.

Q: Where is the best place to make suggestions about this game?
A: Either Roblox messages or the Transfans group. Please don’t make suggestions in more than one place.

Q: Is a character customizer coming?
A: I would like to add one once all the central features are in (ex. game modes), but I can’t promise it. I would say that it is being looked into.

Q: What about relics like the Star Saber?
A: Maybe. It depends on if I can pull it off in a way that does it justice.

Q: The characters aren’t to scale! Are you going to make the robots huge and make the leaders bigger relative to the cast?
A: The characters are near-robloxian sized to reduce lag and make physics and collisions easier to calculate. There are no plans for small human characters, so this is fine in my eyes. Especially since the map is scaled to the robots. The scale isn’t 1:1 with the source material since it makes the game more balanced. A character with a bigger hitbox is at a huge disadvantage and would be difficult to balance even with a higher max health. The characters are still in correct relative scale to each other (ex. Megatron > Prime > Bulkhead > Bumblebee) and capture the spirit of the characters in my eyes.

Q: Are you adding character skins to the game?
A: Yes, but it is low priority. Expect skins to be alternate decos from the show or homages to other continuities.

Q: How do you make characters? Will you ever make a tutorial?
A: I make everything in Roblox studio, but I recommend modelling in another software like Blender. I would actually like to make a tutorial, but I can’t do everything at once so we shall see.

Q: I like to roleplay, is there a roleplaying version of this game set for release?
A: I considered this, but I am keeping this game PVP. I do not want to split my playerbase and have to push releases to two different games. Once private servers are introduced, hopefully this gives people more opportunities to rolepaly.

Q: Are you going to make a group or chat outside of the Transfans Roblox Group?
A: No. I considered this but I do not have the bandwidth to moderate something like this.

Q: Do you have a release timeline we can reference?
A: Unfortunately I do not. I used to have one, but priorities in my life and Robertblox’s have shifted where we need to balance our time developing this game with other responsibilities. Expect changes to be more frequent going forward, like it won’t be an entire month until the next update, but understand that I do not profit from this game and I have other things to attend to now.

Q: Do you intend on announcing which features are coming to the game in the next update?
A: Somewhat. I tease certain characters and features on social media, but I also want to keep some things a secret so they generate hype on release.

Q: Is console support coming?
A: Yes but it’s probably the lowest priority of all these changes. It’s a lot of work to even make things mobile compatible, and I’d rather complete all the central mechanics (utilities, melee, etc.) for PC and mobile first before taking on this task.

Q: Will you reduce lag in the game?
A: Yes, every update I try and reduce the amount of lag this game has. It’s just not easy.

Q: Which device is this game meant to be played on?
A: The best experience is on PC.

Q: Do you read my suggestions?
A: Yes, I read every suggestion that comes my way. If it’s a feature that is already coming (i.e. addressed in this FAQ) or a character suggestion, I will not respond.

Q: Will you release your models or help with my game?
A: No. My models are exclusive to my game and my priorities on Roblox are making my game the best it can be.

Q: Can I help or contribute to your game?
A: I usually say no, but feel free to ask if you are interested. Please be specific on how you may want to help as well.

Q: Any other changes happening to this game?
A: Absolutely. Besides the things mentioned, I would like to add headshots to guns, more menuing options, and new Transform animations.

Q: Certain characters are overpowered while others are too weak. Can you fix this?
A: Yes, every update I make adjustments to balance.

Q: Can I make a video about your game?
A: Sure, there are already a few out there.

Q: Where can I find updates on your game?
A: The best ways are to follow me on social media, join the Transfans group, and follow the game on Roblox.