Transition into Blender 2.8

As a user who has been using the 2.7 version of blender for the past 3 or so years, I find blender 2.8 quite a large step up as it seems like a completely new piece of software to me. I was wondering whether the community had any great tips to make this transition easier, such as the node setup change or (how to separate meshes that would usually be separated) into 2.8 or any brief tutorial series that would help.

Thanks for your time.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Blender 2.8 is so different, all the shortcuts I’ve learn before are no longer useful now, that why I decided to stay with the version 2.79b. If you found it too hard I recommend you to not use version 2.8. If you really want to use the version 2.8 you should follow this tutorial:


The biggest changes to blender other than obvious performance gains is pretty much the UI. Really not that much is different but the UI has drastically been moved around and improved. Once you figure it out, and learn the shortcuts which is still largely the same. You’re workflow should definitely speed up.

@Neutre which shortcuts?

Most of the shortcuts involving camera mouvements with the mousewheel, deleting meshes and I can’t remember the others but I had no time to learn the new one right now.

If this may be of use to you, you can set the hotkeys in Blender 2.8 to be the same ones as 2.7. To do so, simply:

Edit > Preferences


Then go under Keymap, and under the dropdown menu choose Blender 27X.

Hope this could be of use to make the transition as seamless as possible! Best of luck!


Great! That really helps! I was wondering especially how to use the node editor since the format is slightly different. I don’t really know how to start using it.

I’ll have a look, from what I’ve seen Blender Guru’s tutorials seem to be quite useful. Thanks.

Deleting meshes is and has always been “x”. Mouse wheel movements have and always has been ctrl + middle mouse and pan, or shift + middle mouse and pan or any other similar combinations you can think of.

Same for bevels, I believe changing normals was removed in 2.8 beta but came back after release. Edge loops are still the same. Most of the shortcuts are still the same :thinking: If you do have any issues you can just press space and search for what you’re missing for. I think flip normals was changed to recalculate normals or something similar.

@xethlyx I might have changed my preferences as well forgot about that for the search anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not all that familiar with Blender, as I’m more of a programmer, but I’m pretty sure in 2.8 they split Node Editor into Shader Editor, Compositor and Texture Node Editor. As well, splitting the viewport is exactly the same, except without the little indicator like in 2.7X.

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I’ve never deleted meshes with “x”, we don’t use the same key.

I’ve never customized that key.

I agree Blender 2.8 is like an entirely new software. However, a lot of the changes helps beginners with the new interface with visual indicators, it is highly recommended to use it unless you know all shortcuts perfectly which I find it too difficult.


This is a must, whether you want to click with right or left.

All the shortcuts are the same. Again the interface, view-port and real time rendering are new / changed. I also recommend watching Blender Guru’s tutorial, they are really useful.

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Thanks, I agree too. The new UI is really great for new users to learn. It’s going to take some time adjusting to it but I’m sure it’s worthwhile.

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I’d definitely suggest that you make the swap and don’t stick with 2.7 even if you’re more comfortable with it.

2.8 isn’t going anywhere.