Translator: English to Dutch for FREE

Why should you translate your games into Dutch?

Translating your game into Dutch will raise the amount of only Dutch-speaking folks in your game which can only be an advantage for you in terms of your game’s overall player count and the time they will be playing your game.

The Dutch community on Roblox was already big ever since I had first joined in 2013 and keeps steadily growing ever since. Most of the community are children aged below 13 who do not speak English very well or at all.

About me

I am David and I’m a 16-year-old high school student from Belgium, languages have always been fascinating to me when I came first in touch with them.

About my services

I am a Native Dutch speaker so the translating services I’ll be offering you people will always be on point, I work completely free of charge because I feel the leveraged exposure I hopefully will receive from doing these services is in itself a good enough payment.

Contact me
I regularly check the forums so you are also able to DM me here.


If you’re fluent in both languages, I recommend you don’t work for free because you can make a lot of money off of this since it’s something essential to all members


I feel like after I am more known as a translator, only then I’ll add a price for my services.

For now I’ll work free of charge.

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Again, I urge you to add a price to your services first. There are very few amazing translators and top development studios will pay a pretty penny even to newer developers

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Alright, I’ll keep the advice in mind


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Well hello there fellow European

Yeah theres a lot of Dutch developers that were here before Roblox let everyone join.

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How I hire you?

While I don’t have plans to localise my game right now, I think you’d be a nice asset to have in the future.

I’ll contact you later :smiley:

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