TRANSLATOR: English to spanish

Hello! As you know, ROBLOX is putting a lot of focus on expanding into other communities, that’s why they made easier necessary tools to make it, such as localization tools. Today I am offering my service as a game translator, from English to Spanish.

About me: I’m from Colombia :colombia:, I’ve 15 years old and 2 years on ROBLOX, I’m programmer, spanish community manager, ui designer and translator.

I guarantee:

  • That everything is fully translated and not left with things like these:
    Where we see clearly what happens when it is translated badly: two languages mixed and cannot be understood, besides that it is very annoying for the eyes.

  • I will continue updating the translations according to the time if the client asks for.

  • I can translate the corresponding files as images and letters to ensure that everything goes well.

  • Use neutral Spanish to make it understandable.

  • Spelling and quality of Spanish according to current regulations.

  • Translation of the game page (title and description).

Example of my work as a translator:

My personal project is Swars , in this game you can see the detailed work and the focus that we putted on perfectly translating the game (the game is made in English): (available in English and Spanish)

I helped in translation of:


I don’t accept percentages, the value will be 10 robux per word and it’s not negotiable.


3 hours every day, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (-5 GMT).

Translation process:

To make the game translation process I use two methods:

  • 1) The creator gives me access to his game and I will translate everything, in this method the payment will be made after the work is done.
  • 2) The creator gives me the .cvs file that contains the translations of the game and I will send it back already translated, in this method the creator will pay a fee of 500 robux before starting the work plus the total cost of the words.


You can contact me at Discord as nmrblx#9807

Thanks for reading!


I highly recommend this guy, but I think the price could be negotiable as well.


I’ve used @NeutralMind’s translations and he’s very good.

Totally recommend him.


Que onda parce.

It looks great but a bit expensive tbh lmfao im also from Colombia.