Translator for hire. [English-Spanish]

About Me

Hello, I am offering my services as a translator, I am a native Spanish speaker from Peru, I can speak fluently both languages.


I just joined the Roblox developer forum and i haven’t work on any games yet, still i will show you an example of what i can do, this paragraph is from a novel from Stephen King.
Clint drank coffee and read the New York times on his iPad at the kitchen. An earthquake in North Korea had caused an untold number of casualties. The North Korean government insisted that the damage was minor due to ‘superior architecture.’
Clint bebia cafe y leia el New York Times en su iPad en la cocina. Un terremoto en Corea del Norte habia causado un número desconocido de fallecidos. El gobierno de Corea del Norte insiste que el daño no fue grave por la '‘superior arquitectura.’

Why you should hire me

Google translator is not that good, it could mix up the contexts sometimes which is why i believe is better to get a native speaker of the language.


I am available only for 2 or 3 hours each day due to online class and homework.


I would rather get payed on Robux and Robux only, price would be 10-150 robux, price is negotiable.


You can contact me on the developer forum or via Discord Thesoul1234#0677

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice portfolio!
Do you have any certificates that can prove your skills as a localizer?

also! don’t forget to type accents in Spanish, they’re important too (á, é, í, ó, ú)

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I don’t have anything that can prove my skills, which is why i added that example there.

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It looks pretty cool,But where you say the questions from 1-6 you could use ## at start so it gets bigger and more cool!


Thanks for listening!
I hope I helped you!

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