Translator portal gives "no content" error

I’ve noticed this bug just a few minutes ago. I was translating Car Crushers 2 and had the filter set to Untranslated strings. While going to the very back on the strings pages and translating the entire page, I noticed that it gave me the no content error. This has happened 100% of the time on the newest version of Google Chrome as well as on mobile on iOS 1.3.4

How to reproduce?

  • Go to the translator portal for any game.
  • Set your filter tab to untranslated.
  • Go to the last page of the strings page.
  • Translate all of the strings.

Video on how to reproduce it here. Apologizes for the quality, I’m not using my pc plus I can’t upload the video directly for some reason.


I’ve edited the title to be more descriptive. It helps the engineer understand what the problem is more quickly.