Transparency Fixed to 0 when edited from Server

When I try to edit the transparency of a Decal or Texture from a server script while FilteringEnabled is on, and the client player has died and respawned at least once, the transparency of the Decal or Texture will render on the client as 0, despite the value itself changing.

I have, using in-game tests and Test-Servers come to these conclusions:
-This error is 100% repeatable, and happens in every game I’ve made with the specifications above.
-The error takes place on the client, I have tried viewing the transparency changes from the Server window of a test server and it will render as expected, but on a client the transparency will appear fixed to 0.
-The error is visible to all clients who have had their character respawn at least once.

To reproduce the bug: Set your game to Filtering Enabled, and make any server script that changes the transparency of a decal on a loop. Join the game, reset, and watch.

This is how a summoned fist will render before the glitch is triggered:

This is how it renders during the glitch:

I hope this helps!