Transparency not working?

So, for some reason, my last topic on this was flagged even though I put all info related to the incident but whatever. Topic 2, this time with ALL info needed.
System used: Windows 10
Date of incident: 11/17/2020 near 9 PM CST
Crashes: No crashes or freezes
Backend issues: None
Monetization: None
Owner: A group ( < - Void Clan - >
Version amount: 5 (all published from me)
Status of game: Public
Graphics: ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇
Launch issues or random failure dialogs: None
Team create: Off
Issues specific to a Place / User / Group / etc: Yes, this game in the following screenshot. First time happening to me ever in any game however.

Description of issue:
I do not know why these unions are transparent, when they have 0 transparency. Last time I was in the game it was visible. Besides there is nothing inside these unions, so only thing that can make them transparent is transparency in properties. Although there are other devs, they have been told to only work on one game, but as I already said there is nothing in the unions so only thing that control their transparency is transparency in properties, which are set to 0. So what happened here?

Edit: Took a whole hour typing this out, so this better not be taken down now.


The unions are corrupted and there’s nothing you can do to recover them, sadly. You’ll need to reconstruct them.

Since Roblox’s CSG system is relatively unreliable, I always backup any unions I create in their part form (before the union process) and I highly recommend you do as well in the future.


just restart studio it should be visible in game too

just separate the union and make the transparency to 0 then union them again.

This is what I’d suspect as well. Something that I do which would be an addition to your response is I import my meshes into blender and properly clean them up. I’ve noticed that Roblox’s CSG creates a lot of unneeded and awkward faces, vertices, etc. Plus, it allows me to save the actual mesh that I know is fine on my local device.

Does your game have team create enabled? I’ve had a similar issue with unions where other people couldn’t see unions that I edited until they restarted Studio. This might be something different though.

If you read the pinned post in this category you would see that this category is for discussing (guess what) development, by either contributing or encouraging open discussions.

This isn’t for quick questions, or bug reporting. If your post was flagged, posting it again probably won’t help matters.

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Sorry, I did not know what category to put it in and forgot a studio bugs category existed.

Said it in topic.
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