Transparent glass is not transparent

transparent(0.99 or with highlight) glass remains white appearance(trace).

I’m trying to use a bug that causes transparent glass to make translparent blocks transparent, but the transparent glass leaves strange white traces.

It also shows different appearances depending on the graphic level and the reflectance of the glass.

See what I have prepared here.

Tall_Block(Orange) is on 0.02 transparency.
Transparent_Highlight is glass material on 1 transparency with transparent Highlight. (causing same bug as 0.99 transparency with no Highlight)

0 Reflectance with ~7 Graphic level

0 Reflectance with 8~ Graphic level

inf Reflectance with ~7 Graphic level

inf Reflectance with 8~ Graphic level

As you can see, trace of the glass block cannot be completely erased by any means.

Moreover, inf reflect transparent glass block looks black on high graphic level (even on other BrickColor, highlight FillColor)

Anyway, does anyone know a solution?