Transparent material when zoomed out (Studio)

*Sorry if this is the wrong category. For some reason, I couldn’t post this in the bug reports category, and even then I don’t know whether this belongs here

This is a problem my friend has been encountering on studio. Whenever he’s zoomed out, parts with the Asphalt material become transparent for some reason.

Whenver he’s zoomed in, the parts become solid again

(Zoomed in)

(Zoomed out)

Now I can’t reproduce myself as this isn’t happening on my end, but my friend has stated that it happens when you zoom out of the part, when you zoom in, the problem is gone. Some solutions I gave him included disabling “Grid Material”, which didn’t do anything. He’s also restarted Studio several times but the problem persists

Edit: I’ve tried other materials as well, and turns out the problem is still there, so it looks like it’s not just the material’s problem

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This isn’t actually a transparency issue, its a layering issue.
For some reason when the camera gets far from a part any decals underneath act like they are being raised up and start showing on top of other parts.
This is still an annoying bug but I thought it was worth mentioning.

For now just raising the road parts farther above the baseplate should fix it, or just removing the baseplate decal.

Huh, strange. The problem doesn’t appear on my end, but it did end up fixing the problem for my friend

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