Transparent Meshes - is it possible?

Question is in the title, is it possible to have a mesh that is transparent straight out of blender? Im looking to achieve a similar look to if you were to set the Transparency property on a meshpart but without actually doing so. Is it possible?

If you want to make it transparent in studio, just set transparency in studio. If you make it transparent in Blender there is really no way to bring it straight out of Blender, that’s just a waste of time anyway since setting transparency in studio yields the same result. Why not just set transparency in studio?

If you use the .AlphaMode proprety on a SurfaceApperance, it will render everything that’s opaque on the colour map’s alpha channel as opaque. But honestly this is only good for foliage, I recommend importing the transparent part separately, welding it to the other parts of the mesh end changing the transparency there.