Transparent parts within Particle Emitters render on top

Hey Guys,

I’m coming to the end of finishing my project Shadows. The killer is made of particleemitters, and has two solid claws in its arms that fade in and out. When fading, they render on top of the particle emitters. I do not want this, it clearly ruins the aesthetic.

Any suggestions on what I can do? I’m kinda stumped.

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You can go to the particle properties and change the ZOffset to1 or 2 which makes them render over parts :>

Unfortunately not.

It just appears that any slightly transparent part will always render on top of the particles, I hope I’m wrong though! :sad:

I still haven’t been able to come up with a solution to this. Is this just how particle emitters work, and there’s nothing I can do about it?

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Unfortunately, it does seem that what you’re seeing is expected behaviour. I’ve not been able to find any properties relating to keeping ParticleEmitters on top. ZOffset only controls rendering layering for other ParticleEmitters, not for parts.


Since the issue (as of now) isn’t fixable, maybe instead of fading with transparency you could make it fade to a certain colour and then make it go instantly transparent?

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