Transparent-textured meshes are opaque and neon

I think something like this was reported a while back, but it’s still occurring with any form of mesh (including meshes rendered via SpecialMesh) and I haven’t found any topics about this particular bug. If you apply a mesh texture or Decal to any mesh, the raw mesh shape will remain opaque and neon unless you set the Transparency to anything except zero.

A grass mesh with 0.000 Transparency ![9014e94857d7b9e230084e2718f1e02226f149ef.jpg](upload://nQ9dVNUrhF5ZsZVeQAqjz24rSyU.jpeg)
Same grass mesh with 0.001 Transparency ![c4556572a42ca2e6a11e39984a1958fd063a5316.jpg](upload://2ObeTjvzwr9wewmeFdQgzhzQZrm.jpeg)

I know the universal workaround is, as exemplified - to set the Transparency to 0.001, but it would be most preferable if this was fixed whenever possible.


I believe the neon issue is fixed in this update, but I’m not sure if the opacity of the alpha will be fixed with it.