Transparent UGC items?

Hi, I have a question regarding UGC items.

Is there a way to create transparent UGC items?

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I don’t get what you mean by “transparent”. If they are just invisible, noone is gonna buy them since they will serve no use in a player’s avatar decoration.

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Yeah I agree.

What’s the point of transparent items when you can’t even see them? Like can you even upload them? Probably not.

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They probably mean transparent like glass, so not 100% transparent, something that still has a tint to it


Exactly that’s what I meant! objects with 40 - 60% transparency

I believe it’s very obvious.
Take for example the Neon Transparent Bowler.
The thumbnail is transparent:
The preview, however, is not:
It’s definitely not the texture, which means:

Hope it fixed your issue!


Or you can just go into Shader editor and cut the line from Texture to Principled BSDF.
It should be connected to alpha

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