Treasure Hunt Simulator 2 - Update Log

Game Link: Treasure Hunt Simulator 2 - Roblox

Update 5 (9/23/2023)

Steampunk Island:

  • 2 eggs, 2 skin crates, 4 bags, and 7 tools
  • Steampunk Converter

Major Changes:

  • Rebrand to Treasure Hunt Simulator 2
  • Pet Trading
  • Auto dig option for ALL tools.
  • Auto tool key bind.
  • Changed Rebirths. Rebirths no longer reset any progress.
  • Added Super Rebirths. Caps at 65 for now.
  • Super Rebirth Rewards:
    • 5 Pet Hatch Luck
    • 5 Extra Pet Hatch
    • 5 Gem Buff
    • 2 Extra Pet Equip
    • 5 Enchant Luck
    • 5 Extra Pet Storage

Minor Changes:

  • Boss Chests are more likely to be seen by players.
  • Relics now make noise to make them easier to find.
  • Redesigned some islands to improve clarity of features.
  • Removed night time.
  • Changed underground music.
  • Every island has new sand layers.
  • Buffed sand health for certain layers.
  • Auto rebirth gamepass
  • Changed Quick Dig gamepass to do 2x speed instead of making all tools 0.5 base speed.
  • Made default egg hatching animation faster.
  • Added progression bar whenever you reach the last tool on an island.
  • Volcanium are now called Enchant Shards.
  • Tools, bags and pets now require Enchant Shards to enchant.
  • Enchant Shards can be found on every island after Jungle island.
  • Made enchanting costs a lot less.
  • Buffed uranium spawn rate.
  • Nerfed uranium health.
  • Jungle Temple now gives 15 minutes of ALL boosts.
  • Jungle Temple now resets every 45 minutes.
  • Buffed ores selling value.
  • Made certain chat notifications easier to read.
  • Removed Rebirth leaderboard.
  • Changed in-game tutorials for new players.
  • Many UI improvements.
  • Buffed wheel gem rewards.
  • Buffed certain pet rarities.
  • Made the compass easier to look at when multiple sand layers are unlocked.
  • Island relic rewards now claim automatically when you complete them.
  • New Target Mouse setting for auto.
  • New Hide Tool setting for 1st person.
  • Performance Updates, Bug Fixes & Much More!