Tree chopping system

Hey there!
Im working on a game with my friends and we are trying to incorporate a tree chopping system. Our current system works, but we are not sure how to make better axes, with shorter chopping time. I now have a bunch of different tree models, all with different chopping times. This works fine for one axe, but since we want better, quicker axes this does not work. We are using proximity prompts in every tree with the time it takes to chop.
Also i am wanting to place down lots of my trees randomly and to change the timing on every single tree if i ever needed to would be such a pain.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 22.32.03

Me and my friends have done a lot of thinking and could not figure out a solution. We have also roamed around the dev forum and we haven’t found anything of use.

Any ideas on how to efficiently decrease the time to break the tree for different tools? Please let me know, it is very much appreciated! Oh and, if you have any questions, id love to answer them!

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