Tree will not color

I can’t color my tree, its made up of only vertices with a skin modifier and a subdivision surface modifier, Roblox says there are no vertices when I import just the branch, so I can’t color the branches and leaves individually, is there any way to color the tree using UV, while actually coloring the skin


What type of file are you exporting from Blender? .fbx or .obj?

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obj, but it won’t even color in blender since I used a skin modifier, and i’m pretty sure it only tracks the vertices for color

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Try googling ‘import coloured mesh to Roblox’, or use the Search tool up top. I know there’s been quite a few posts in the forums about importing meshes with colours and textures.

I know how to color the meshes, but it won’t let me color vertices with a skin modifier, and I can’t import it as just the tree with no leaves and color it in Roblox because it says my mesh has no vertices

Since there is a skin modifier, there are only like 5 vertices, no faces, so maybe a way to make the skin have faces


Did you apply the skin modifier after you added it?

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Did I apply the skin modifier after I added what?

When you add the skin modifier you have to also apply it. In the drop down menu of the modifier you are using next to the little camera icon there is an option to apply the modifier. After you choose the ‘apply’ option you will be able to better work with the mesh.

Edited to add: save a backup file before you do this in case the results weren’t what you intended. ‘Undo’ will only go back so far depending on your preference settings for that.

I did apply it, but it won’t let me color it using uv, I’m guessing because its made up of like 5 vertices

I wonder if the resetting the UVs and doing smart unwrap would help? That is very little data so it might not.

Maybe doing a subdivision modifier would help and then do the reset/smart unwrap?

To my knowledge, modifiers are applied on export by default.
At least that’s how it’s always worked for me.

Maybe you were talking about editing in blender, but either way, but I’m not sure what the problem is here. It seems like this process is being made much harder than it has to be.

Couldn’t you either just separate the leaves from the tree, import them separately and color the meshes in Roblox?

If not (you want the blender textures), and your materials are set up correctly, couldn’t you just export as glTF into roblox so it can keep its surface appearance? I’ve done it a couple times before.

Maybe I’m missing some key details, but this seems like a ton of work for an otherwise extremely simple end goal.

I already said it won’t import separately because it says the actual tree part has no vertices

The color must be a image texture in order to appear colored in the Studio. Try using this palette as a Image Texture (Go to UV Editor and place your leaf’s uv inside the desired color block)


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Can you send a picture of it while in edit mode? So we can see the topology. Maybe even with xray mode on

I use that pallet, the tree doesn’t show up in the uv editor, the leaves do

Interesting, can you go into object mode, select your object, click the little “object” button at the top and go convert → mesh. (Ofc remember to save so you can undo) and send a picture of the edit mode then.

I think I can see why it was breaking in export to roblox now lol, there isn’t even really a topology

Also, can you send a picture of your scene collection? I’d like to see what meshes and objects you have in the scene.

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Converting the mesh worked to give me vertices relative to the skin modifier, but it still won’t show up in the UV editor.

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Alright, now can you try importing it into roblox now? See if it still breaks?
I don’t know much about the UV editor, so if you want to do that, might have to wait for someone who does, I would recommend just trying to color it in Roblox though.