Trello alternative

I’m making a game right now and I’m thinking of using something similar to trello. At the moment, i’m just using google sheets to lay out and organise items, but if there is a website that works similar to trello but dosent suck that would be helpful. Just a game planning and organization website


Colbert made a great post about a trello alternative ClickUp. I have used it since and its a lot more powerful.


Kanbanize,, and basecamp are all varying alternatives. I highly recommend you check them out.

Kanbanize is a traditional development board like trello, but with many more features. has a free version which is pulse oriented (sprints translate to pulses in their framework). It’s quite interesting and one of my teams uses it.
Basecamp is a different approach to task management which offers sections of the page for documents and calendars and meetings etc.

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