Trello API - Can't parse JSON - invalid key; only in Roblox

So, I’m trying to get info from a public Trello board, but it seems not to be working.
I don’t know the difference with APIs if you open it just in Google or request it in Roblox for example, but If I open it in Google, It works fine.
If I try using it with api key and token, it works fine, but since it’s a public board, I don’t see a reason for that.

In Studio, it says: HTTP 401 (Unauthorized)

Thank you!

I’m going to need a bit more information than this.
If you board is truly public and you’re only trying to get information… I don’t believe you even need a key.

  • What kind of request are you making?
  • Are you sure your URL is correct and formatted properly?
  • Which API endpoint are you trying to use? Are you trying to get all cards, cards in a specific list, etc.?
  1. HttpService:GetAsync()
  2. Yes (If I open it in browser, it works fine)
  3. Cards in a specific list

Basically, if I do it with api key and token, it works fine, but if I do it without them, it doesn’t work (It responds invalid key) even though it’s a public board …