Trello API help with the server and studio

The Trello API works perfectly fine on studio, but not on server.



Am I the only person experiencing this? Normally, I don’t have to worry being like this for the past few weeks already. Yet, this day is the issue I’m having trouble using Trello now.

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(If you are wondering) Trello status is fine as always. No major downfalls from their status.

I’ve had the exact same error message earlier today. I think there is something really wrong with the http requests, since the marketservice was also down.
Something was up with the website as well.

I can’t be so sure though, but I’ve been fetching data from trello for over a year now and never have I got this issue before.

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Me, either… I’ve also already contacted Trello Support about this bug with the screenshots and proof. Yet, I am not sure when they would respond for the mean time.

Roblox has recently been experiencing major outages. This is likely why HTTPService is not working as intended.

So you’re saying that both the studio and live servers have the same HtttpService, neither of them work fine?