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Not sure how I can define it exactly

Board Id is not correct, that means “Board Name” It’s not a valid parameter
Some Solution:

→ Check If name is correct of board (Copy and paste it)
→ Check if you’re using the right credential and you have access with your token and API key to modify that board.

Let me know if you have others question.

Hi, So Just checked you’re code and and I discovered this, code and function is right but trello when “AttachmentLink” Parameter is present, does not add “idLabels” im unsure about why… In the meantime, remove the Attachment Link parameter and add the idlabels, It can also be a trello api bug.

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Frankly not seeing the use of this as a module. This would be much more useful as a plugin or a VSCode extension. Having this be executed at runtime of the game makes no sense unless you’re trying to use it as a database, which Trello is not designed for.

Even as a plugin, it’s still pretty much a waste of time to develop this. I see no practical use for it.

Nobody asks you to say how trello should be used, there are so many people who use it for their RP games, Also there are many other old trello system similar to these, no point in coming here and write something nonsense in my opinion about something that as you can see is getting used a lot, you’re not *judge *and the discussion should remain on topic.

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Your API is not responding at all.

Please let me know if you have updated any functions/events.

It seems like you are not requiring the module, try doing that and calling the function on the required module.

I am on topic. Please explain how this is supposed to be useful.

Hello, can you send me the code where you’re requiring trello API module and where you call that function? ,

Hiya, I am trying to make a system where trello records a number of “Miles” How would I get the text of the description,

-- // Require TrelloAPI
local TrelloEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("TrelloEvent")
local TrelloAPI = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("TrelloAPI"))
local BoardID = TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI.GetBoardID("airmayoramilessystem")
local ListId = TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI.GetListID(BoardID,"Players")

--[[ You can access 3 different categories of functions.

-- //  Example Script (ServerScript)

local function Miles(player)
	if TrelloAPI.CardsAPI.GetCardOnList(ListId,Player.UserId) then
		TrelloAPI.CardsAPI.CreateCard(ListId, {
			["Name"] = Player.UserId

It should look something like this

local function Miles(player)
	local CardsOnLists = TrelloAPI.CardsAPI.GetCardsOnList(ListId)
	local CardFound = false
	for _,CardData in pairs(CardsOnLists) do
		if == tostring(player.UserId) then
			CardFound = true
			print("Card Description: ", CardData.desc)
	if not CardFound then
		TrelloAPI.CardsAPI.CreateCard(player.UserId, ListId)


Hiya, nothing happens at all, so yea…

Can you give me more information? Actualy At least one error should give it to you, put some print around and tell me what happens, try debug code.

Here the error I get, I didnt see it before

Make sure that in ReplicatedStorage there is an Event Called “TrelloEvent”

Thank you very much, I figure that if I put the variables in the function, and that I just had to do

TrelloAPI.CardsAPI.CreateCard(""..player.UserId.."", ListId)

Would It be possible for a player to press a button or run a command and it updates all the cards in the server, example

I ran the command “!givemiles” and you were in the game at the same time, it would change the number on both the trello cards to

Pre-existingMiles + NewMiles

If you could how would you do this?

I was thinking it’d look something like this;

local TrelloEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("TrelloEvent")
local GroupId = 14054990
local MilesGivenOnPayout = 20

	local TrelloAPI = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("TrelloAPI"))
	local BoardID = TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI.GetBoardID("MilesSystem")
	local ListId = TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI.GetListID(BoardID,"Players")

		if msgenable == "!givemiles" then
			if player:GetRankInGroup(GroupId) >= 5 then
				Miles.Value = Miles.Value + MilesGivenOnPayout
				local NewMiles = Miles.Value
				game.ReplicatedStorage.MilesPayout:FireClient(player, NewMiles)


game.ReplicatedStorage.MilesPayout.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, NewMiles)
	local TrelloAPI = require(game.ServerScriptService:WaitForChild("TrelloAPI"))
	local BoardID = TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI.GetBoardID("MilesSystem")
	local ListId = TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI.GetListID(BoardID,"Players")

	local UserID = player.UserId

	TrelloAPI.CardsAPI.UpdateCard(ListId, {
			["Name"] = ""..UserID.."",
			["Description"] = NewMiles

I’ve also tried every format I could think of for the past 3 hours, and I have no idea how on earth id put a number into the description using



Fixed on the discord server, turns out I needed to put the number as a string not a number value!

Why are you treating trello as a database? It’s not meant for that…

Issue solved on our Comunication Server, thank you for using our TrelloAPI!

most people use it for that, tbh