Trello API [ReMade] • Use Trello easily in your game!

Doesn’t truly matter if they use it for it, it’s not meant for that and definitely would not be supported as one.

Again, as I mentioned this post is made to ask questions regarding the trelloAPI,
You have no right or power to judge what other people have to do, Avoiding writing such sentences would also make the post more cleaner and clearer for anyone who wants to use this API.

Telling people how the service is meant to be used makes this post cleaner. Just because you feel different doesn’t mean I need to change my statement to make you feel better.

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Is there a way to add a card to the Trello page?

Hi @Bitterman1021

Yes you can add a Card with the .CreateCard function, read more on documentation inside the module.

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Ah thanks! That really helps!

Yes I will do that! Thanks!

Hey um. I’m sorry to bother you again but I got two warnings when using trying to get the list Id

[SERVER] BoardsAPI • [GetListsOnBoard] :  ServerScriptService.TrelloAPI.BoardsAPI:137: attempt to concatenate table with string
[SERVER] BoardsAPI • [GetListID] : Something went wrong try to check if BoardID is correct.

I got the board Id from the URL like you would a roblox asset Id because I assumed it would be similar to that.

Sorry again for the trouble. :sweat_smile:

Make sure to put the Correct BoardName, There is a function called “getBoardName” on “BoardsAPI” Make sure to get the Board id by that.

Board name can be retrived by copying simply the Board Name.

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Ah I see thanks! :+1: Sorry for the trouble

Hi the board that connects my trainings to trello worked earlier but for some reason it stopped working… I didn’t change any of the scripts idk whats happening

Hello, As I have received other problem reports from trello, your problem is probably due to the recent Outage of trello.

Now that it seems to work, is there still that error?

Its good now, however I can’t seem to create a card.

The board works now but idk how to make a create card API. Any help appreciated.

there are no errors so I dont seem to know what happened

Take a look at the Structure function:

For some reason I get these 2 warnings, not really sure what it means but the API works fine, as far as im aware

From what I’m seeing you are promoting it as a Database, which is actually against their TOS I believe since that’s not what Trello was made to be used for. Then again there is no point in using this as we have a perfectly good DataStoreService made by Roblox that hasn’t gone down in a while, meaning you are safe to use it. There is also more support & community resource for the DataStoreService which makes sure you are using the service properly.


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Could you send you’re code (Where you use the function)

Could you send then some Some screenshots where I say to use this service (API) as a database?

Also if a person wants to use it as a database he is free to do so.
Before speaking, you should understand the meaning of the words

Can you also submit the Trello Tos screen where do they say that trello shouldn’t be used as a database? (It is obvious that it is not the right thing to do but no one legally forbids it)

Furthermore your statement has already been mentioned in previous answers, to ensure a better reading for the person who wants to use this service, do not repeat the same thing unnecessarily Also because it would go against the rules of Dev Forum

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just realised where the warnings were referring to, I never changed the BoardID and ListId variables in your api require example

No Worries, if you need More help let me know that here!

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