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Does anybody have a trello application center I can use? It doesn’t matter what the GUI is, it can be the old one no problem… I am asking for one, due to the fact I have the OUTDATED version of the trello app center that does get sent to trello but the answers won’t show up in the description of the card, all it shows is Q1: | I have been looking for it for months now since the Roblox updates with the game service arrived.

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Trello is not made for storing data Since its very limited, Anyways, a while back @nstrike159 made his own implementation to use Trello straight from ROBLOX. I am not really sure if its still working or not But here it is. (couldn’t find his DevForum post since his DevForum account got disabled or something)
Also, Consider switching to a service that is actually made for storing data. There are many services out there both free and paid a great example would SQLite, @fireboltofdeath made an amazing contribution to make it possible through roblox, Here it is. Full SQLite3 server
EDIT: Since i couldn’t find his original post i found another great contribution made by @Luistheinge, Here it is. Object Oriented Trello API


If you are looking for someone to make you something (or an existing product), I would ask on This section is really more for help if you have pre-existing code.

If you haven’t developed before, or you are in the process learning to develop, I would encourage you to use this opportunity to start exploring development and programming.

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